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PostSubject: Jealous Strikes - Fiction - Bailey Lilac (Me)   Jealous Strikes - Fiction - Bailey Lilac (Me) EmptyTue Jun 14, 2011 11:38 pm


I ran, as quickly as I could, down the steps from my house, my twin sister, Annabell, chasing after me.
"LEXI! Wait uppp!"
She cried as I pulled open the van door, and jumped in.
My name is Alexandria, but people call me Lexi for short.
My twin sisters name is Annabell.
Both of us have dark brown hair, and blue eyes.
People say were just alike in every way, but thats actually not true.
Even though we LOOK just alike, were 2 seperate people.
I love playing guitar, but Annabell loves singing.
I love dogs, but Annabell loves cats.
I'm right handed, Annabell is left handed.
Were total oposites except for one thing- We both LOVE acting.
"MOM! Hurry up! Were gonna be late for the audition!"

Annabel and I sat in the back seat of our mothers van, as she drove us to our very first audition- A commercial for a new soda brand.
To some people, this may seem like the smallest acting job in the world, but to me and my sister, getting this job would mean everything to us.
But the thing is- There's only one part in this commercial.
"Lexi, please don't be mad when I get the part and you don't"
Annabel said, and then burst out laughing.
"Just kidding, just kidding"
she caught herself as my face turned bright red.
"What would you do if I got the part, and you didn't! Huh? I'd be pretty emberrassed if I were in your shoes and something like that happened!"
"Lex, I was just kidding. Get a sense of humor."
"Well it's not funny."
"Yeah it is."
"You don't see me laughing, do you?"
"Girls, only one person is going to get this part, it might not be either one of you, but if it is, you need to support whoever gets the part, ok?"
Our mother said, glancing back at us in the mirror.
"Yes m'am..."
Me and Annabel said in unicyn.
Annabel always seemed to make things a compitition.
Even when we were 5 years old, she would look me dead in the eye and say "I bet I can finish my snack faster than Youuuuu!". She would then stick her tongue out at me when mom wasn't looking.
I always brushed it off- ignored it, but she was skating on thin ice now, and I felt as though I were about to break.
"Annabel, I sware, the next time you try to make a compitition out of something-"
I was cut off.
"Lexi, get a grip. It was just a joke."
Annabel leaned over and nudged my shoulder.
I held my breath and starred at her, angrily.
She looked away, and peered out the window as we pulled up to a large building.
"Were here."
Our mother said nervously, parking in front of a large glass door.

Me and Annabel anxiously hopped out of the car, and ran to the glass door.
Our mother quickly walked after us.
I pushed open the glass door, and walked into the huge building.
The walls were painted burgnundy, with shimmering gold trim.
Against the walls were large brass benches, and in the middle of the room stood a huge U shaped desk with stacks and stacks of papers.
"Welcome to Chance Audition Studio. May I help you?"
A woman, standing at the desk, asked us as we entered.
"We are here for the new Cereal Commercial."
Our mother replied, approaching the desk.
"Oh of course. Do you have your audition form?"
"I have 2. One for each of my daughters."
Our mother handed over both papers, and the woman tossed them on the top of one of the stacks.
"Is that whole stack of papers for this one audition?"
I asked the woman.
"Yes, and so are these"
She motioned to 2 other huge stacks of papers.
My eyes grew wide, and I heard Annabel gasp.
The woman laughed a bit, and then took us to the audition room.
There was a small-ish stage in the back of the room.
In front of the stage were tons of chairs. Most of which were filled. Off to the side was a video camera, which pointed to the center of the stage, where there was a table and chair. On the table was a cereal box.
We found our seats in the back row, and watched as a man walked up on stage.
"Hello everyone! Welcome to Chance Audition Studio!"
He spoke into a microphone.
"We have many auditions today, so we will get started right away. When you were given your application papers, you were also given a script. We assume you have read and memorized that script. If you have not, you will not be considered for the commercial."
Thankfully, me and Annabel did memorize our scripts.
"First to the stage- Julie Anderson."

And the auditions began.
The script was 20 seconds long, so each audition was very short, but with all the people there, it took forever to get to me and Annabel.
Finally, after 1 hour, it was our turn.
"Annabel Jones."
The man announced.
Annabel jumped up from her chair like a jack-in-the-box and ran to the stage, grinning from ear to ear.
"Thats me."
She said, stepping up onto the stage.
The man handed her a headset microphone, which she put on quickly.
She sat at the chair and starred out at all the people.
For a second, she froze.
"C'mon Annabel! You know your lines! You can do it!"
I cheered.
Annabel laughed nervously and started her audition.
"You've probably tried lots of cereal in your life time-... But never a cereal this good. And... umm.. guess what? Its healthy!"
She said the lines slowly, as if trying to remember them.
"Its even got Vitamins A, C, and- ... And D. Its new- Its terrific- Its Cinnamin-... Cinnamin Morning Cereal!"
She finished, and stood up, awkwardly.
Me and our mom clapped as loud as we could.
"That was- ... Good."
The man said.
Annabel took off the headset and handed it to the man.
She then trotted back to her seat.
"Ok, Next is Alexandria Jones"
I stood up and jogged to the stage.
"That would be meeee"
I said happily.
He handed me the Headset microphone and I sat down quickly, putting it on.
Then, I started my audition;
"You've probably tried lots of cereal in your life time- But never a cereal this goooood! And guess what? Its healthy!!! It's even got Vitamins A, C, and D. Its new, Its terrific, Its Cinnamin Morning Cereal!"
I said my lines quickly and cheerfully, and at the very end, I even winked!
I couldn't imagine doing any better!
I handed the headset microphone back to the man.
"You did terrific!"
The man said, taking the headset microphone.
"Thank you so much!"
I replied, and hopped off the stage, running back to my seat.
I smiled awkwardly at Annabel who was frowning at me.
"Bel, I-"
I started to talk, but was cut off.
"Lex, forget it."
Annabel turned away from me.
I sat down, and peered over at her, as a tear rolled down her cheek and fell to her dress.
"Annabel, I'm sorry. What'd you want me to do? Do an awful audition so niether one of us would get it?!"
"Yeah, you could have"
Annabel turned and glared at me; Her face red, and her eyes filled with tears.
Our mother said, looking Annabel in the eye.
"Mom, Yell at lex, not me!"
"You need not get mad at your sister for doing her best in that audition!"
"No buts"
... Silence ...

I didn't want Annabel to be mad at me- and even more, I didn't want her to be upset, but what was I supposed to do?
At that point, being an only child sounded wonderful...

"We will call you if you got the part"
The man announced from the stage.
Now all I had to do was wait for my call.
2 weeks later, and I still hadn't gotten a call...
"Well I'm glad that neither one of us will get the part!"
Annabel had said after a week and a half had gone by.
"We don't know for sure yet!"
I'd responded.
Finally, after 3 whole weeks- We got a call from the Chance Audition Studios. But not the call.
"Oh Hi!"
My mom had said, running into the living room where I was watching television.
She put her hand over the bottom part of the telephone and whispered "Its Chance Audition Studios!"
I quickly ran over as my mom put the phone on 'speaker' so I could hear.
"We would like to call to say that Annabel has gotten the part for our commercial!"
The woman said, cheerfully.
My smile quickly faded, and my face froze.
"Ok, Thank you."
My mother responded, also seeming surprised.
"The filming will be at 6:00 PM, next Friday."
"We will be there."
"Alright. Goodbye."

"How did SHE get the part!!!"
I yelled, my face turning red.
"Sweety, I told you-"
"But mom! I know I got the part! It has to be a mistake!"
"Lexie, This is a big company, I don't think that they would make such a big mistake."
"But were twins! They could have switched our names!"
I ran upstairs to my room before my mom could finish talking.
I swung Annabel and I's bedroom door open, and jumped onto my bed, pulling my pillow to my face.
"Whats wrong with you?"
Annabel said, in an uncaring voice, as she laid her National Geographic Kids magazene on our shared bed-side table.
"How about you ask mom, friday, when you go to 'Chance Audition Studios' to film your commercial."
I yelled as I cried into my pillow.
"I got the part?!"
Annabel said excitedly, standing up from her bed.
"Yeah, but who knows how."
"They have to have lost their minds! I said my lines perfectly! You said them horribly."
"Maybe it's just cause I'm so much prettier..."
Annabel giggled, and ran out of the room.
I just laid there, crying, until I fell asleep.

The next morning, after Annabel found out that she had got the part for the commercial, instead of me, she had to make sure EVERYONE knew.
"Hi Zoey!"
Annabel yelled down the hall as we walked into school.
"Hi Annabel."
Zoey replied, Jogging over to us.
Zoey was Annabel's Stuck-Up friend. She was horribly mean to EVERYONE except Annabel (For some odd reason). And the only time she was nice to me, was when me and Annabel were getting along (So, lets just say- Once a year).
"Zoey! I got the part! I'm going to be famous!!!"
Annabel said, excitedly grabbing Zoey's hands, and jumping up and down.
"Oh my gosh! Are you serious!"
"Sure am! We have to tell the WHOLE school!"
"Of course!"

I walked to my locker, and lightly banged my head against it. Annabel would never let me live this one down...


By lunch time, the whole school knew that Little Miss Perfect got the part.
People walked up to Annabel every 5 seconds, asking for her to sign her name on a napkin, or in their school books.
Annabel would gladly whip out her hot pink pen, scribble her name and wink at everyone, as if she were a famous movie star.

"Hey Lex!"
I jumped, hearing my friend, Sarah call from behind me.
"Sarah, you scared me!"
I said, laughing for the first time in about 24 hours.
"Oops, Sorry."
Sarah replied, now laughing as well.
"Where were you this morning?"
"I just got here, cuz my moms car broke down, and she had to get it repaired, and I missed the bus, and my dad was at work, and we live way too far away for me to walk here, so my mom gave me a note to give to the principle..."
"Yea, Tough morning..."
"I'd take your morning, over my morning, any day."
"What happened?"
"Annabel got the part for that cerial commercial and shes been telling everyone, and rubbing it in my face since she found out..."
"But didn't you say she did a horrible audition?"
"Then how'd she get the part?"
"See, thats what I'm wondering- I'm still thinking they mixed us up."
"Hey, Why don't you go to the audition with her, then, ask someone if it could have been a mix up!"
"Thats a good idea, but how would they be able to find out?"
"Didn't they say your names at the beggining, or end of the tape?"
"I don't know... I didn't see the light for the camera come on until we sat down, then I saw someone else writing on a bunch of discs, so I think they just wrote our names on each disc."
"Tell them what you wore that day, and what she wore that day, and then they can look at the tapes and see who was who."
"Our mom made us wear matching sun dresses... Go figure."
"I know..."
"Was there anything you guys had different?! Nacklace, Bracelet, Ring, Nail polish?! Anything???"
"Oh my goodness! Siarra, your a life saver!!!!"
"What? What?!"
"I was wearing my Gold Charm Bracelet!"
I lifted my hand, revealing my bracelet.
"Awesome!! Just tell them that!"

The rest of the day wasn't as bad, because I at least had a tiny bit of hope, that maybe- Just maybe, I really did get the part.


As soon as me and Annabel got home from school, Annabel started getting ready for to go to the studio.
Little did she know, I was getting ready for the same reason she was- To film MY commercial!
"Hi, Annabel"
I said, sneaking up behind her as she put on her bracelets.
She jumped, and quickly looked at me.
"What is wrong with you?!"
She scowled.
"Nothing's wrong with me- I'm happy as ever."
"You'll find out."
Annabel looked at me, as if she suspected something.
I grabbed my Golden Charm bracelet off my bedside table, and slipped it onto my wrist.
"Annabel! Are you ready?!"
Our mom called from the bottom of the stairs.
"Yeah Mom!"
Annabel replied, slowly walking towards the stairs.
I leaped in front of her, and stopped.
"Mom, Can I come- You know, for support."
I said, quickly, as Annabel bumped into me.
She screeched.
"Oops, sorry Annabel- Didn't see you there."
I turned to her and winked- then ran down the stairs.

The whole ride to the Chance Audition Studio was complete silence, except for the car radio, which played a Selena Gomez track.

"We're here..."
Our mom said, parking the car in front of the same Glass Doors we parked in front of the last time.
I hopped out, running to the door before Annabel could even unbuckle.
I bolted in, and up to the front desk.
"Hi, were here for my sisters audition but I think that there is a mix up. I think I was supposed to get the part, Can we look at the audition tapes and-"
I quickly raddled off to the woman at the front desk. Her eyes widened, and then she cut me off.
"Miss, Never have we EVER mixed up audition tapes- The only way that would be possible is if you and your sister looked exactly alike, and-"
This time, I cut her off as Annabel walked in the studio.
"Example A"
I said, starring at the woman, annoyed at her.
"So, What do you say we take a look at those audition tapes, eh?"
"Umm, Ok..."

"Here is the room where they will film the commercial. You can go in there-"
The woman at the front desk quickly told Annabel.
"But, I'm gonna just stay out here, Ok guys?"
I said to Annabel and our mom.
"Ok Lexi, but you better behave"
Our mom said, grinning at me, and then following Annabel into the room for filming.

"Ok, now where are those tapes?"
I asked, turning to the woman.
She sighed, and lifted a stack of DVD's.
"What is your name, and your sisters name?"
She asked, lifting one of the DVD's, and reading the name printed on the top.
"I'm Alexandria, and she's Annabel."
"No wonder..."
"We only print the first letter of the first name- Then the last name. If your last name is the same, that would mean that both discs have the same thing printed on them. Then they put the disc's with the papers your parents hand in at the start of the audition- If 2 people have the same name, they just look at the pictures, but with you being twins, they could have put the disc with either one of your papers."
The woman explained, digging through the bin to find me and Annabel's discs.
Once she found them, we went to a small, dim room with a large flat screen TV mounted to the wall.
"In the video, the only way to know who is who, is by some difference in your appearence, or speech."
She told me, placing one of the discs in a DVD player.
"We had the same clothes and hair, but I'm the only one wearing a charm bracelet- Like this"
I lifted my hand to show my stunning golden bracelet.
"Ok, Thats good. Thats what we have to look for."
The woman hit the 'play' button, and the large screen showed a side view of Annabel's audition.
I could tell it was her by the terrified look on her face.
I looked on her hand, and sure enough- No bracelet.
"Thats my sister! Thats Annabel!"
I yelled, looking over to the woman.
"It is?!"
She seemed shocked.
"Yes!!! Did they say that was me?!"
I asked, desperately.
"They did. Here is the tape that they said was Annabel."
She stood up, taking out another disc, and replacing the one that was already playing.
There, Plain as day, The screen showed me, sitting at the table, with my bright gold bracelet.
"They said thats Annabel!?"
I gasped, starring at the screen.
"What can we do! Thats me! I got the part!"
My face turned red, and I couldn't decide whether I was angry or scared, or sad, so I decided I must have been all 3.
"I don't know if theres a way to fix it... Unless...."
"Unless what?!"
"Unless Annabel hasn't signed the papers yet. Once she's signed those, we have to use her for the commercial."
I jumped out of my chair so fast, it fall backwards, hitting the floor with a loud *Bang*.
"Where are you going?!"
"I'm going to make sure Annabel doesn't sign those papers!"
I ran as fast as I could, bursting into the room where Annabel would be filmed.
It had been about 7 minutes, and I just knew she had signed already.
Right away, I saw Annabel pulling the lid off of a pen, and pressing it hard, onto the paper.
I screamed, rushing towards her and pushing her out of her chair, and onto the floor.
She yelled, hitting the floor.
The pen flew out of her hand, and rolled to the wall.
I quickly grabbed it, and looked at the paper.
A trail of ink was visable, across the paper, and onto the table.
This couldn't be counted as a signature.
I sat in the chair, quickly signing my name.
"I got the part! The tapes were switched!!"

Everyone looked at me as if I had grown a second head.
"I was wearing my bracelet that day! Annabel wasn't!!! Whever got the part was wearing MY bracelet, so it had to be me!"
"Your so desperate, Lexi! Why can't you just get over yourself!"
Annabel hissed.
"Go ask the girl at the front desk!!! She will tell you!!! Mom, Annabel never wears my bracelet! Right?!"
There was a long silence.
My mom finally said, looking nervous.
"Since there is really no substancal proof of who got the part, were going to have to do another audition right now."
The man who had given Annabel her paperwork said, looking confused.
I yelled, jumping out of my seat.
"But... The part is mine!"
Annabel whined
"I'm sorry, this is the only way."
"I give up..."
Everyone in the room looked shocked.
"I'm no good at acting... I'm positive that Alexandria got the part... She- Shes a much better actress."
Annabel looked as though she was about to cry. She then walked over to the other side of the room, and sat on the floor.
"Well, I guess that means you have the part, but if you are unable to follow through with the commercial, your sister will get the part."

Chapter 8
I stood, motionless, starring at Annabel.
I was in shock that my annoying, know it all sister was for once doing the right thing.
"So, lets get on with this. Alexandria-"
The director began.
"I can't."
I blurted out.
"Can't what? Can't do the commercial?"
"Yes... This whole acting thing has been way too much on me, and my family. I just can't do it. I'm sorry."
I looked over to Annabel, expecting her to yell "Well, Ok! I'll do it then!", but she didn't.
Instead, she stood up and said;
"I agree. I'm done with acting."
Our mother looked pretty happy that we were finally at an agreement- Even though she must of known the choice devistated us.
"Well... Who wants icecream?"
Our mom said, walking over to us.
We all walked out of the studio and drove over to Dairy Queen.
"Lex.... I'm sorry."
Annabel said, as we sat at a table, eating our icecream.
"Its fine... I understand, The whole thought of being a famous actress got to you, didn't it?"
I replied.
"I guess it got to me a little too..."
"A little? Mom, did you see how she shoved me out of that chair?"
"Hey! You were about to steal my part!"
"Girls! I thought all this drama was over with!"
Out mom cut in.
Me and Annabel said in unicyn.
Suddenly, and man walked up to our table;
"Excuse me, are you girls interested in acting? I am a producer for a new movie, and were looking for twin girls to do the lead parts."

So thats how our story ends- For now.

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Jealous Strikes - Fiction - Bailey Lilac (Me) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jealous Strikes - Fiction - Bailey Lilac (Me)   Jealous Strikes - Fiction - Bailey Lilac (Me) EmptySat Jun 25, 2011 1:41 pm

Ohhhhhhh! This is good! I wonder if Lexi will refuse to do the part so Annebel won't be sad... probably not though!
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Jealous Strikes - Fiction - Bailey Lilac (Me) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jealous Strikes - Fiction - Bailey Lilac (Me)   Jealous Strikes - Fiction - Bailey Lilac (Me) EmptySat Jun 25, 2011 2:38 pm

Thank you so much! =D
lol, I wonder the same thing xD
I will try to pos the next chaper tonight =)
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Jealous Strikes - Fiction - Bailey Lilac (Me) Empty
PostSubject: Woooow   Jealous Strikes - Fiction - Bailey Lilac (Me) EmptyTue Jul 05, 2011 10:27 pm

I really like it Smile drama... I think Lexi deserves the part, but i feel really bad for her sister Sad but i guess its karma for annabell cuz she was rubbing it into lexi's face... I really LOVE it!!! its good.... rofl
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Jealous Strikes - Fiction - Bailey Lilac (Me) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jealous Strikes - Fiction - Bailey Lilac (Me)   Jealous Strikes - Fiction - Bailey Lilac (Me) EmptyThu Jul 07, 2011 2:02 am

Thank you so much =)
I'm kinda stumped for the next chapter but I will try to think of it soon ^_^
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Jealous Strikes - Fiction - Bailey Lilac (Me) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jealous Strikes - Fiction - Bailey Lilac (Me)   Jealous Strikes - Fiction - Bailey Lilac (Me) Empty

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Jealous Strikes - Fiction - Bailey Lilac (Me)
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