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PostSubject: MYSTERY - Fiction - Auther; Bailey Lilac (Me)   MYSTERY - Fiction - Auther; Bailey Lilac (Me) EmptyTue Jun 14, 2011 11:35 pm

Chapter 1

"Same old, Same old.
Nothing much has changed since yesterday.
If anything ever changes, I will start writing again.
At the momment, writing is pointless.
If I wrote a script of each day,
each page would be the same exact thing."
May wrote the words in her diary slowly.
May's mother, Ms. Parker yelled up the stairs.
May yelled back, quickly closing, and locking her diary, throwing it under her pillow, and running down stairs.
"May, do you realize what time it is?"
Ms. Parker asked, looking at May, as if wondering why she was still in her Pajamas.
"Yeah, two O'clock."
May replied.
"Did you not remember that we were going to Washington today?"
"WHAT?! No! You said that was NEXT week!"
"I said that last week, May! We have to leave in 30 minutes!"
"I gotta get ready!"
May said, jogging up the stairs to her room, and pulling out her suitcase.
She bolted to her closet and packed everything, as fast as she could.
Then she tossed her Diary, and Key in her carry-on bag, along with her laptop and other activities. She grabbed her purse, and put it beside her carry-on, and rushed to get dressed.
She put the straps of her purse, and carry-on bag over her shoulder, and pulled her suitcase off the bed, lugging everything downstairs.
"Done" She said, panting, and looking up to the clock.
"I bought you a few other things for the plane."
Ms. parker said, handing May a plastic bag.
"Thanks mom!"
May said, starting to open the bag.
"Not now, Wait until we get on the plane."
May said, closing the bag, and putting it in her carry-on.
They rushed out the door, and drove to the airport.

Chapter 2

May and her mom dropped off May's Suitcase, so they could pick it up after they got off the plane in Washington.
Then they ran through the airport, trying to find the terminal.
"OUCH!" May yelled as she tripped over her own foot.
"May! Hurry up!"
Her mom said, grabbing her hand and pulling her up.
They kept running, and finally found the terminal.
May wondered where her mothers luggage was, but her thoughts were quickly impterupted as her mom started pulling her.
"It's time to board the plane."
Her mom said, as they ran.
Ms. Parker handed a woman one ticket.
"Mom whats going on?"
May questioned.
"Honey, I'm not coming to washington with you. Your going alone, and your going to stay with your Aunt and cousin."
"What?! Why didn't you tell me!"
"Bye May, I love you."
May was taken to the plane before she could protest even further.
She sat down next to an old lady who was sleeping next to the window.
Whats going on?
May thought as she sat in her seat, staring at the back of the seat in front of her.
Within 45 minutes, to an hour, so much had happened, that she was in total shock.
An attendant asked if she was ok, and then told her she needed to buckle her seatbelt.
May buckled quickly, and then remembered the bag her mom had given her.
She pulled it out of her carry-on as fast as she could, and opened it up.
Inside she found 3 photo's, and a note.
First, may read the note:
"May, I'm terribly sorry that I did not tell you that I would not be going to Washington with you, but I knew you would not want to go if I told you.
I will see you next friday.
Love you."
May put the note back in the bag, and pulled out the photos.
In the first photo, it showed a woman that looked alot like Ms. Parker, which May assumed was her aunt.
Next to her aunt, was a man, she assumed to be her uncle.
and on the other side of her aunt, was her mom-
But her mom was holding 2 babies.
May thought she recognized both the babies, but how would she know them.
She looked closer to the picture, and thought both the babies looked like her, in her baby pictures.
She looked at the date, and realized the date the photo had been taken was a week after her birthday!
May knew that one of the babies had to be her, but who could the other baby be?
May's only sibling was 20 years old, and in college.
Her sister would have been 6 years old when this picture was taken!
May turned to the next photo, which showed...

Chapter 3

May gasped as she looked at the picture.
Mays mom had shown her half of this picture before, but when may had asked where the other half was, her mom said,
"the rest of the picture just showed the rest of the hospital.".
The picture that May's mom had shown her, was May, as a baby.
This picture, that showed both halves of the picture (taped together), showed may, and another baby, in the hospital.
The wrist bands said their names.
"May Parker" and "Adrianna Parker".
May knew this had to be her twin sister, but why had she never met her before?
May finally turned to the last picture which showed a girl who looked about 10 years old.
In the corner of the picture, it showed that the picture had been taken 4 years ago.
May could tell that the girl in the picture wasn't herself, because May's hair had always been to her shoulders, but this girls hair was at least to the middle of her back.
Other than that, the girl looked like she could be mays twin.
May put the photo's and note back in the bag, and shoved them into her carry-on.
She had so many mixed feelings about this trip.
In a way, she was so excited to go see her family, and hopefully, this girl that she assumed was her sister. In another way, she was mad at her mom for not telling her, and upset that she had never gotten to meet her sister.
Then, May wondered if she had lost her mind.
"This can't be my sister! I don't have a sister!"
she thought as she pushed the back of the seat back.
She kept running it through her mind, over, and over again. as she fell asleep.

Chapter 4

"May Parker. May Parker. The plane has landed. Your Aunt is waiting for you. May?"
May heard the voice of the attendant, as she slowly opened her eyes.
"Oh Ok, Thank you."
She said sleepily as she sat up and picked up her carry on bag, and purse.
She started trying to stand up and then she noticed she was still buckled.
As she unbuckled, she looked around her.
Everyone else that had been on the plane, already left.
Even the old lady who was sitting beside her.
She stood up, pulling her bags up to her shoulder.
"This way, miss."
The attendent said, standing near a door.
May walked over, and out the door, into another area of the plane.
She saw the Pilot standing at another door, smiling.
"Right this way, miss."
He said, opening a door, that led to a hallway.
May walked down the long hallway.
She'd been on at least 2 planes before, and never had the hallway been this long...
"Maybe its just because I'm so tired... It just feels long"
She reasured heself, as she walked.
And walked.
And walked.
Finally seeing a door.
She swung the door open, and was greeted by, none other than her Aunt.
"May, Dear!"
Her Aunt yelled, giving her a big hug.
"Aunt Madeline?"
May asked, Smiling.
"Yes sweetheart! How are you! I have not seen you since you were just days old!"
"I know. Is anyone else here with you? My uncle? Maybe a Cousin, or a relative I haven't seen since I was a baby?"
May questioned, looking behind the woman.
"No Dear, Everyone else is back at home."
She said, pulling at May's arm.
"Are we going to the luggage pickup?"
"Of course. We wouldn't just leave half your belongings here at the airport."
"Well, not half my belongings. Just my suitecase."
May said, laughing nervously.
"Oh. Your mother didn't tell you..."
"Tell me what?!"
"Maybe I should let her tell you over the phone..."
"No, she would want you to tell me."
May lied.
There was a pause.
"Your going to stay with us for a little more than a week..."
"How much more?"
"6 weeks more..."
"WHAT?! Thats 2 months! You have got to be crazy!"
"Not me dear, your mother planned everything."
May looked straight in front of her, and zoned out.
"May? Are you alright?... May? May?!"
May's aunt asked, seeming worried.
May said, just starting to pay attention.
"Are you alright?"
Her aunt questioned again.
"Yeah... I'm fine."

No one spoke, until they got to the luggage pickup.
May ran up, and quickly retrieved her 'Hello Kitty' Suitecase, as her aunt walked up behind her, and pulled 2 lime green suitecases.
May assumed those were sent for her, by her mother.
"May, you seem upset?"
Her aunt said, breaking the silence.
"I'm just a bit caught off gaurd. I can't believe my mom sent me here, saying we were both going for a week, when really, I'M going for 2 MONTHS."
"I promise you will like it here."
"I have friends back home that are expecting me to be back next week."
"Can't you call or email them?"
May didn't respond to that.
Both were silent again.
As they walked outside, May's Aunt guided May to a white van, with a sticker on the window.
The sticker showed a cartoon man, woman, and young girl.
"Whose that?"
May asked, pointing to the cartoon girl.
Aunt Madeline stopped talking, as if to catch herself saying something she wasn't supposed to say.
"My who?"
May questioned.
"Your cousin..."
Aunt Madeline answered, after a long pause.
May forced herself not to say "Are you sure thats not my twin sister?", even though she very badly wanted to ask it.
They put May's Suitcase and Carry on in the trunk, along with the 2 other suitecases, and hopped into the Van.
May sat as far back as she could, to avoid any talking.
Even though her aunt seemed like a very nice person, May wanted to avoid her, and her lies, at all cost.
Finally, they got to a small house, that looked exactly like the one in the first picture may had seen.
The house was painted Sky Blue, and had a white shed in the backyard.
May's Aunt parked the car, got out, and walked around to the trunk.
May opened the back door, and threw her feet out of the car, still sitting in her seat.
Her Aunt pulled May's bags out and handed them to her.
May took them and headed to the front door without saying a word to her Aunt.
She heard dogs barking from inside the house, then she saw her aunt walking up beside her with the 2 lime Suitcases.
She paused to lean one of the suitcases against the railing around the small porch outside of the front door, and she pulled her keys out.
As soon as the door was open, 2 Black Labs jumped onto may, almost knocking her over.
"Oh my! May, are you alright?!"
May's aunt seemed terrified.
"yeah i'm fine."
"Come, I'll show you your room."

Chapter 5

May said, following her aunt to a room in the back of the small home.
The house was a cute 4 bedroom 3 bathroom flat, with a kitchen, and living room.
The living room was a lot smaller than the one in May's home,
but even so, it was decorated nicely.
Everything about the home was great, but may felt like everyone was lying to her.
She didn't know what was true anymore.
She just wanted to get to the room she'd be staying in, close the door, and go to sleep.
"Here we go May."
May's aunt said, walking up to a white door at the end of a hall, and swinging it open.
It revealed a beautiful room, with purple walls, a white carpet, and furnished with everything.
May couldn't help but look shocked.
"I could learn to like it here."
May thought, walking into the room, and dropping her bags.
"You unpack now, and then if you like, you could come out and meet everyone."
May's aunt said, standing in the doorway.
May said, smiling for the fist time in a while.
Aunt Madeline closed the door, quietly.
May stood for a second, looking over the room.
There were 2 white chairs, with purple cushins, and a white table.
A white bed, with drawers underneath, and 2 white dressers.
The covers on the bed were also purple, with bright purple flowers.
May tipped her suitcase on its back, and unzipped it.
She took out her laptop, and set it on top of one of the dressers.
Then she took out her clothes, and put them away.
She got everything out of her carry on bag, and put it on top of the dressers, then she put her buildabear on the bed.
She put her carry on inside her suitecase, then zipped her suitecase back up, and looked around for a closet.
May put the suitecase beside the dresser, and walked out of the room.
"Aunt Madeline?!"
May called, walking into the living room.
"Yes dear?"
Her aunt replied.
"I'm done unpacking"
"Oh, I forgot to tell you, these were sent by your mother. You can take these to your room if you want."
May took the suitcases, and walked quickly back to her room.
She opened the first suitcase. It revealed most of her clothes, that she'd left at home.
May removed the clothes, and put them in a dresser.
Then she opened the second suitecase.
Inside, were a few more of her clothes from home, along with 12 new items of clothing, and 3 new pairs of shoes!
There were 6 blouses, 2 pairs of pants, 2 skirts, and 2 pairs of shorts.
May was excited!
She put the clothes in the dressers, and then, as she closed the suitecase, she noticed something in the front pocket of the suitcase.
She opened the pocket, and removed a box.
Inside, was a necklace, with a peace sign, a heart, and a star dangling from it.
below the necklace was a 100 dollar bill.
"No way!"
May said aloud.
She zipped the suitecases and put them beside her Hello Kitty Suitecase.
She stuffed the bill in her purse, and ran out to the living room again.
She said.
She didn't see her Aunt in the living room, so she walked to the kitchen.
She said, pushing open the swinging door.
Her eyes bugged out, as she saw the girl she'd seen in the picture.
May froze, and stared at the girl, feeling as though the was looking in a mirror.
The girl questioned.
May responded.

Chapter 6

"I'm Adrianna"
The girl said, staring at May.
"Are you my cousin?"
May asked.
Adrianna said, as Aunt Madeline rushed into the room.
"Oh hi girls. I see you've already met?"
Aunt Madeline said quickly.
"Yeah, we have..."
May said, looking at Aunt Madeline, and then back at Adrianna.
"So you've met your cousin, now you just have to meet your uncle."
Aunt Madeline said, taking May's arm, as if to walk her to where her Uncle was.
"No, shes not my cousin! Shes my sister!"
May said, pulling away.
"May! How would you think up such a thing?"
Aunt Madeline questioned.
"Mom? What is she talking about?"
Adrianna said, looking scared.
"I'll show you how I'd think that!"
May said, running back to the room, and retrieving the bag her mom had given her.
She ran back to the kitchen, as she dug her hand in the bag.
She pulled out the pictures and showed her Aunt the photo of May and Adrianna in the Hospital as babies.
May yelled.

Chapter 7

May's aunt stared at the picture, then she gently pushed Mays hand down.
There was a long pause.
"Where did you find that?"
Aunt Madeline said quietly.
"My mom showed me half of this picture, when I was younger... I asked where the other half was, and she said it just showed the hospital, so she cut it out. Then she gave me a bag with 3 pictures in it, before we left the house, to get on the plane. She told me not to open it until I got on the plane... When I got on the plane, I opened it, and this was one of the pictures."
May explained.
"How'd you figure out Adrianna was your sister?"
Aunt Madelina asked.
"It was pretty obvious, once I saw this picture."
May said.
"Wait! Mom! Your saying that you had 2 kids and gave one up for adoption?"
Adrianna said, looking shocked.
Aunt Madeline paused, seeming very upset.
"No, Your my sister, but this is our Aunt."
May tried to explain.
"The woman I said was your aunt... shes really your mom..."
Aunt Madeline said.
"What! You lied to me!"
Adrianna cried.
May was silent. She didn't know what to say. She was just as shocked, but she assumed it was different not knowing you had a sister, rather then not knowing the person you thought was your mom, wasn't.
"Addy! I'm sorry!"
Aunt Madeline said, walking up to Adrianna.
Adrianna pushed passed Aunt Madeline and May, and swung open the kitchen door.
May heard Adrianna's foot steps as she ran down the hall.
Aunt Madeline started to run out as well, but then she stopped, crying as well.
"Aunt Madeline."
May said quietly.
"May, I'm so sorry. For everything."
"Could you tell me how- or why, me and Adrianna were seperated?"
"When your mother found out she was pregnant, she didn't know she was having 2 babies. I was unable to have children, and she knew I wanted a baby. She said that she would give me the baby, then when she found out she was having 2 babies she said she would give them both to me. But when she gave birth to you and Adrianna, she was so attatched to both of you girls. But, she also knew that she wouldn't be able to afford to take care of 2 babies, and she knew how badly I wanted a baby. So she decided one of you girls should stay with her, and the other with me."
Aunt Madeline explained.
"But how'd she choose who would stay with who?"
May asked.
"Adrianna was sick, and a bit weeker than you, and your mother knew it would be dangerous to take her on the plane, so that pretty much sealed it."
Aunt Madeline said.
"Why don't you tell that to Adrianna?"
May asked.
"She won't listen."
"What if you write her a note?"
"You know what? Thats a good idea!"
Aunt Madelina seemed happier, as she went to get a piece of paper, and a pen.
She wrote everything down, and walked to Adrianna's bedroom door.
She slipped the note under the door, and knocked on the door.
Adrianna lay, crying, with her face tucked in a pillow, when she heard a knock on her door.
She quickly turned, and saw a folded piece of paper on the floor of her pink carpet.
She sat up, and ran over to the door, grabbing the note, and sitting on a beanbag, as she unfolded the note.
I am so sorry that I lied to you.
I didn't mean you harm. I just didn't want to confuse you."
Adrianna read over the part about why her real mom left her with her aunt, then, about how it was decided that Adrianna would be left with her aunt.
The note read on to say:
"I wanted to tell you that I was really your aunt, but at the time, you were too young, and I didn't think you would understand.
I feel terrible."
Adrianna sat, holding the note tightly in her hands.
She heard another knock at the door.
This time, she opened the door.
May and Aunt Madeline waited in the hallway outside of Adrianna's door.
"Do you think she's done reading the note?"
May whispered.
"I do not know... Maybe she doesn't want to read it..."
Aunt Madeline whispered back.
After a few more seconds, Aunt Madeline walked up to the door and knocked on it.
Within less than 5 seconds, Adrianna opened the door, and peered out. Tears stained her cheeks.

"Mom, I'm sorry."
Adrianna said, walking out and giving Aunt Madeline a hug.
"No Adrianna, you have nothing to be sorry about. It is me who is at fault here."
Aunt Madeline replied.
May stood, smiling.

Chapter 8

May and Adrianna sat at the kitchen table, talking, as Aunt Madeline made a pizza from scratch.
"I can't believe how much we missed of each other's lives..."
May said, sadly.
"I know...."
Adrianna said, looking down at the table.
"Only good thing is, it seems we each got spoiled more than we would have if we grew up together"
May said, laughing
Adrianna laughed as well.
"Who wants the first slice!"
Aunt Madeline said, cutting the pizza into slices
Both, May, and Adrianna said at the same time, which caused them to laugh all the more.
Aunt Madeline put a plate down in front of May, then Adrianna, along with a glass of Soda.
Everyone ate, and then Adrianna and May went to Adrianna's room.
"I love your room, Sis"
May said, grinning.
"Thanks, Sis"
Adrianna replied, sitting on a beanbag.
"What school do we go to?"
May asked, sitting down on a beanbag as well.
"I'm homeschooled, So I assume Mom- err..."
Adrianna paused, seeming confused about what to call her aunt, who she'd thought was her mom her whole life.
"Shes still your mom"
May said, smiling
"It's just confusing..."
Adrianna said, looking upset.
"I know..."
"Well... I assume you'll be homeschooled while your here."
Both girls were silent for a while.
"Hey! Want me to get my laptop and call my friends on skype, with the webcam, so we can tell them were sisters?"
May said, giggling
Adrianna said, excitedly.
"Or better yet, how about we call them, and you pretend to be me at first, and we'll see if we fool them!!!"
the girls laughed, and may ran to get her laptop.
Once she was back in Adrianna's room, she sat down, and quckly turned on her laptop.
Once she pulled skype up, she put the laptop in Adrianna's lap, and showed her what button to press to call her friend, Sarina.
"Talk like me."
May whispered.
Sarina answered the call
"Hey May!!! How are you liking it in Washington!"
Sarina said, sounding happy to get a call from her best friend.
"Hi Sarina! Its pretty nice up here. Just cold."
Adrianna said, trying to keep from laughing.
"How'd you grow your hair out so long, so fast?"
Sarina asked
Adrianna looked at May, desperately.
May mouthed.
Adrianna said as she looked back to the camera.
Sarina said, suspiciously.
May leaned into the webcam
"Some friend you are! Couldn't even tell the difference between your best friend and her twin sister!"
May said jokingly.
"Oh my gosh. what on earth?!"
Sarina said, her eyes bugging out.
May and Adrianna laughed.
"Sarina, this is my twin sister Adrianna!"
May said.
"You never told me you had a twin sister!!!!"
Sarina looked shocked.
"I just found out!"
May said, dramaticly.
"Me toooo"
Adrianna said.
The girls chatted for a while, then they stopped the call, and called 2 of May's other friends.
Both of them had similar reactions.
Then Aunt Madeline walked in.
"You girls sure are having a lot of fun"
Aunt Madeline said, looking upset, as though wishing May and Adrianna weren't apart for so long.
"Yeah! We just called my 3 best friends, and Adrianna pretended to be me at first!!!"
May said, giggling.
"They believe it too!!!"
Adrianna laughed.
"Except the hair!"
they said in unicyn, lifting part of their hair, as if to show Aunt Madeline what they were talking about.
Aunt Madeline smiled
"You continue having fun"
Aunt Madelina closed the door.
As Aunt Madeline closed the bedroom door, her eyes filled with tears.
What kind of person tried to keep their nieces from seeing eachother, their whole lives.
She felt horrible.
She walked to her room, and looked at baby pictures of Adrianna.
"What if Adrianna wants to go back to California with May."
She thought.
"Adrianna is like my daughter. What will I do if she leaves"
May and Adrianna Called 2 of Adrianna's friends, and may acted like she was Adrianna.
Both of Adrianna's friends freaked out when they thought Adrianna cut her thick, long hair, but when they found out it was Adrianna's twin sister, they were excited.
After that, they were out of people to call.
"Adrianna... Want to call our mom?"
May mentioned.
"Really? That'd be so cool!"
Adrianna said, seeming excited.
"Yeah! You can act like me and we'll see if she knows its you."
May said, laughing.
Adrianna replied.
Adrianna had seen pictures of who she thought was her aunt at the time, but she'd never actually talked with her.
Adrianna tucked her hair behind her back, so it wouldn't be as noticable that it was long.
May found her mom on her friends list, and Adrianna hit the 'call' button.
Their mom appeared on the screen.
"Hi may."
Ms. Parker smiled.
"Hi mom"
Adrianna said grinning.
"How do you like it in washington?"
"Its great.... I can't believe I'm talking with you"
"Aww, you'll be back home soon sweety"
Adrianna smiled.
May tried to get in the camera again, but Adrianna held up a finger, making sure it didn't show in the webcam.
May stopped, and sat back.
"Have you met your cousin yet?"
Ms. parker asked.
Adrianna said, looking down.
"I haven't seen her in years..."
Ms. parker looked down, and it looked like she was starting to cry.
"Well, I'll ask her if she wants to talk to you on the webcam later"
Adrianna said
"Ok. Well, I'll talk to you later."
"Alrighty. Bye mom"
"Bye. Love you."
"Love you too mom."
Adrianna paused, thinking about weather or not to tell her mom the truth.
"Mom wait!"
She yelled.
"Whats wrong?"
"I... I'm Adrianna."
"Me and May know were sisters."
May leaned over, showing herself on the camera.
"Hi mom"
May said, smilling nervously.

Chapter 9

Mays mother looked shocked.
She just stared at the screen.
"Mom, are you ok?"
May questioned.
"Mom, Please talk"
Adrianna pleeded.
"I... I have to go."
Ms. Parker turned the webcam off quickly. Not giving Adrianna or May a chance to say anything.
Ms. parker jumped up from her seat at the computer desk, and walked over to the couch.
She thought about sitting down- Maybe watching some TV- but she couldn't.
She just stood, and cried.
By sending May to washington, she knew there was a chance that she could find out that Adrianna was her sister- And she knew, deep down inside, she didn't want to keep lying to he daughter forever.
This was sort of her way of telling May, without actually telling her.
But now, seeing how close the girls had become in 1 day, she knew that they would be devistated if they had to be seperated again.
Ms. Parker finally sat, and reached over to the Coffe table, and grabbed her cellphone.
She diled the number for her boss, who she'd been working for, for 12 years.
"Hello, Ms. Parker."
Her boss answered.
"Hi sir, I was wondering if there was any way I could be transfered to work in the company facility in Washington?"
"I don't think that we have any openings in that state facility, but I can check if you want."
"Ok. Thank you"
Ms. Parker was put on hold.
She waited for about 5 minutes, then she heard a click.
"Are you there?"
Her boss asked.
"Yes. I am."
She replied.
"Ok, I checked the openings in that area, and we do have 1 opening in North-West Washington, and 2 in Oregon"
"Is there one in North-East Oregon?!"
"Ok.... Thank you."
"Your Welcome"
She hung up and put her head in her hands.
It was either, move to Washington, and find a new job, or... What would be best for Adrianna, and May.
She decided to call her sister, Madeline, and tell her, her what she was going to do-
She diled her sisters number.
"Hey sis!"
Madeline said, answering the phone quickly.
"Madeline, I am not coming to pick up may in 2 months."
"What? When are you coming to pick her up?"
There was a long pause.
"What?! You're just going to leave her here? What do you want me to tell her!?"
"I don't want you to tell her anything!"
"Are you insane!?"
"I have to go- Bye."
Ms. parker hung up, and tossed her phone onto the table.
She wanted May and Adrianna to be able to grow up as sisters, like she had gotten to grow up with Madeline.
She would come visit May and Adrianna, and she would send gifts, and she would be looking into getting a new house and job in Washington, but she knew for now, it was out of the question.
"May, do you think it was a good idea for us to call your- I mean... Our mom?"
Adrianna asked, setting the laptop on the floor.
"Yeah, Shes fine. Shes just a little caught off gaurd... I'm sure she will call in a little bit... Probably to tell Aunt Madeline that shes coming for a visit... Maybe she'll stay for a week or 2 after 2 months, like when shes supposed to pick me up. Shes fine-"
"May, your rambling!"
Adrianna cut her off.
"Oh... sorry"
"I haven't known you long, but let me guess- You ramble when your unsure of something?"
"No... I just ramble when I'm nervous..."
"ahh.... Ok."
The girls laughed a bit, and then Adrianna stood up and walked around the room.
"I'm bored"
She laughed.
"Me tooo"
May replied, standing up as well.
"Want to ask mom if we can go to our barn to ride the horses?"
May yelled, grinning.
"Yeah, we have a small barn about a mile west. Its got 3 Horses, 2 Cows, 7 Chickens, and... Yeah, thats all"
"Thats so cool! I love horses!!!"
"Maybe, if you and your mom move up here, you can get a horse, and keep it in our barn, and come over, and ride with me"
"That'd be so cool... but I don't know if my mom will be able to move up here..."
"Oh.... How long are you staying again?"
"2 months..."
"Well... You could probably ride my dads horse... I mean... my uncles horse. He doesn't ride horses much."
"Cool. Thank you so much"
"No problem"
"What are the horses names?"
"Mine is Pixie-Dust, but I call her Pixie. Pixie is pure white, but she has some light brown spots down her lower back, and it looks kinda like pixie dust. And Aunt Madeline's horse is called Midnight, cause its pure black, but it has light light blue eyes. and you will be riding Sunny. Hes a light tan horse, with an off-white main."
"Awww! They all sound so cute! And I love their names! Especially Pixie dust"
"No problem"
"Lets go ask if we can go ride them!"
The girls ran to the living room, and started toward the kitchen door, when they heard the phone.
They paused and pressed their ears to the door.
"Hey sis!"
They heard as Aunt Madeline answered the phone.
There was a short pause.
"What? When are you coming to pick her up?"
There was another pause- This time loner
"What?! You're just going to leave her here? What do you want me to tell her!?"
"Are you insane!?"
"Wait!... Sis! Are you there?!"
Then they heard the "Beep- Beep- Beep-" of the phone, and Aunt Madeline slamming it down on the reciever.
May and Adrianna backed up a bit, and Aunt Madeline pushed the door open.
She jumped.
"Girls. What are you doing here."
"We were coming to ask you something, and then we heard the phone, so we evesdropped."
Adrianna stated.
"Adrianna! May! You know your not supposed to evesdrop on people's phone calls!"
Aunt Madeline seemed upset.
"What did my mom say!"
May yelled.
"May, she doesn't want me to tell you"
"When is she coming to pick me up!"
"She-... Shes not."
May burst into tears, and ran to the door at the end of the hall.
She opened the door, and slammed it behind her.
She stood, crying.
She heard Adrianna at the door.
She yelled back.
"Can I come in?"
"NO! I want to go home! I wish I never came here!"
Adrianna stood in disbelief.
She thought that her and May were really getting along, and that now, she could have the sister she never knew she had.
But now, it seemed May hated her.
Adrianna knew she would be upset if her Aunt left her, since she was like her mother, but she didn't think she would take it out on May if it did happen.
Adrianna banged on the door.
"May! I'm coming in unless you let me in!"
May yelled back.
Adrianna opened the door, and quitly closed it behind her.
"May! I understand that your upset, but why are you taking it out on me!"
Adrianna questioned and then sat on a chair in May's room.
"I just want this to be a dream! I want to wake up and see that it was all fake, and I'm back home with my mom, and I don't have a sister!"
May sat on her bed, and put her hands over her face.
"Well fine! I guess were not sisters! I hope your mom DOES come to pick you up TODAY! And I hope you never come back here!"
Adrianna started crying, and quickly left May's room, and went to her own room.

Chapter 10

May sat in her room, crying.
She was glad that she had a sister now, but she didn't want to lose her mom!
May figured she did sound awfully rude- the way she talked to Adrianna.
May just wanted someone to understand how she felt; Abandoned- and by her mother of all people!
May glanced at the clock which read 1 AM.
The day had been so long.
May sighed and pulled the covers over her, and up to her chin.
Slowly she dozed off
Adrianna sat in her room, starring at the wall.
Why did May have to be so hot tempered!
Adrianna had only known the girl for a short time, and they were already fighting.
May was understandably mad, but why couldn't she have just said she wished her mom would come back?
Adrianna looked at her pink, rhinestone watch.
"1 AM?"
She muttered.
She changed into her Hello Kitty Pajamas and crawled into bed.
She couldn't stop thinking about the day.
So much had changed for her, and she hadn't even left her house! She couldn't imagine how drasticly May's life must have changed.
Adrianna felt bad for her sister, and wanted to go talk to her, but she figured that no one could think strieght at this time of night. So she would wait until morning to try to comfort May- and maybe even talk some sence into her real mom.

Chapter 11

May awoke the next morning, to the smell of pancakes.
She breathed in, her eyes still closed, and she imagined the taste of her mothers home made pancakes. She pulled the covers off of her, as she opened her eyes.
She looked around her, seeing the beautiful purple room.
Slowly, May sat up and looked around.
For a second she was confused, then the memories of the day before flooded in.
May sunk back into her bed and tugged the covers up over her head, as the tears began to flow once again.
Adrianna grinned as she watched her aunt slide a large pancake onto a plate.
"I'm gonna go wake May!"
"Ok dear. I sure hope she's feeling better"
"I do too."
Adrianna ran down the hall, then she krept up to May's bedroom door. She raised her hand, about to knock on the door, as she heard sobs coming from inside the room.
Adrianna took a deep breath, knowing she had to talk to May, no matter how afraid she was that May would reject her once again.
Adrianna knocked on the door lightly.
No answer.
"May, Its Adrianna... Can I come in..."
Adrianna called out in a soft voice, just loud enough to be heard over May's sobs.
Adrianna heard a sniff from inside May's room.
"Come in"
She heard the faint voice responde.
Adrianna slowly opened the door, and peered inside.
May looked horrible!
She sat on the edge of her bed, slumped over. Her eyes red, and her cheeks stained with tears.
"May, I'm so sorry."
"Don't be... I'm the one who should be sorry."
"But May, I should have understood how much you were hurting. I should have comforted you, and been there for you no matter what. I should have-"
"No, I shouldn't have took my frustration out on you. None of this is your fault."
Adrianna and May were silent for a while.
Finally, May stood up, and walked over to Adrianna.
"I'm sorry sis. I love you"
May hugged Adrianna, and started to sob again.
"I love you too, sis"
Adrianna responded, and returned May's hug.
All of a sudden, May and Adrianna heard Aunt Madeline behind them.
"Is everything alright?"
She said, softly.
May and Adrianna said in unicyn, as they walked over to their Aunt.

Chapter 12

Adrianna looked over to May, and sighed as she picked up the telephone.
"May, I can't call her! You have to do it!"
Adrianna pleaded, holding the phone out to May.
"No! She won't listen to me!"
May responded.
Adrianna diled their mothers phone number, and waited.
The phone rang 2 times, then a tired voice answered.
"Hello... Mom?"
Adrianna asked.
"No, this is Adrianna..."
"Oh, Hi..."
"Mom, You can't just leave May here! Can't you move here? Maybe you could even stay at our house for a while! Please!"
"Adrianna, it's not that easy...."
"Why not?"
"I'd have to find a new job, and-"
"Can't you be transfered to work in washington?"
"I already called my boss and asked him..."
Aunt Madeline walked over to Adrianna and took the phone out of her hand.
"Sis, listen, you know you don't want to just leave your daughters- Either you move here, or we will move there."
Aunt Madeline said quickly.
There was a long pause.
"But your house and your horses and-"
"There are farms in South California, right?"
"Yes, but wouldn't it be alot of work to move all the way to south california...?"
"Not enough to change my mind."
"Ok! Were moving to Southern California then!"
May couldn't believe her ears!
She almost screamed; she was so excited!
"Really!? Were moving!? We'll all be together!? In california?!"
"May asked.
Aunt Madeline replied.
Adrianna and May screamed and jumped around.
"When are we moving?!"
Adrianna asked.
"As soon as I find a farm there, and I'm gonna start looking right away."
May and Adrianna ran to their rooms, and started shoving things in boxes and suitcases and bags.
2 weeks later.
Adrianna stepped up into the van, and sat down.
May followed her in and sat a duffle bag in between them.
The both of them grinned from ear to ear.
They would be moving to a huge house in Southern California, right down the street from their moms house!
May would be going back to live with her mom, but they would have sleep overs, and go to eachothers houses almost every day.
And Adrianna would get to meet her real mom- for the first time in over 11 years.

"Do you think she'll like me?"
Adrianna asked.
May responded.
"Our mom...?"
"Of course! She'll more than like you- She'll LOVE you! You are her daughter after all!"
May laughed.

The car ride from Washington to south California seemed to take forever, but finally they got to the house.

"Girls, I'm going to drop you off at your mothers house while I unpack. I'll bring some of your clothes and activities, and Adrianna, I'll bring your Sleeping bag, and you can have a sleep over."
Aunt Madeline said as they pulled into the drive way of their mothers house.
They hopped out, grabbed their things and ran to the door.
May knocked on the door as Adrianna stood behind her.
The door opened and May ran in and hugged her mom.
Adrianna stood, frozen, looking at the ground.
Their mom asked.
Adrianna responded, still looking at the ground.
"Hi sweety!"
Adrianna's mom walked over to her and gave her a hug, Then started crying.
"Long time no see"

*******THE END*******

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I read the WHOLE story. Its a heart touching, loving, mystery, and dramatic story. But it feels modern, so it all ties in together perfectly Very Happy

Your good at writing stories Very Happy


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Lol. its so loooooong XD
Thank you SOOOOOO much!!!!! =D
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