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 Lost in Mayonaka Forest - Fiction - Auther; Bailey Lilac (Me)

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Lost in Mayonaka Forest - Fiction - Auther; Bailey Lilac (Me) Empty
PostSubject: Lost in Mayonaka Forest - Fiction - Auther; Bailey Lilac (Me)   Lost in Mayonaka Forest - Fiction - Auther; Bailey Lilac (Me) EmptyTue Jun 14, 2011 11:27 pm

Lost in Mayonaka forest

Chapter 1
Nozomi quickly turned, as she heard leaves crackling.

She had never been this deep in the forest before, and now that she was here, she wanted to get out.

The dark, leafy forest was 7 miles long, full of twists and turns.

Nozomi had wandered into the forest, earlier in the day, chasing after her 6 month old rat terrier, Sakura. Now, they were both seperated, and lost.


Sakura lay on the hard ground, hidden by a fallen tree.

Scared and alone, she was defenseless, and could easily be attacked.

She sniffed the ground, and started to stand, when she saw something dart across the trees.

Sakura fell back down, and scooted closer to the tree.

It seemed the more scared she got, the more strange creatures came into sight.

Could they sense her fear?

Or was it just her imagination.


Nozomi stared out into the trees, waiting to see what she had heard.

Could it be a bear?

A snake?

Or her beloved puppy.

After a minute, she wondered if the sound had just been caused by the wind, but she feared, should she turn around, she would be attacked.

She heard the leaves crackle again. This time, she saw them blow towards her, as the wind picked up.

She let out a deep breath. Releaved that she wasn't in danger- For now.

Chapter 2
Sakura opened her eyes slowly.

She figured she must have dozed off.

Where was her loving owner, Nozomi?

How far apart were they now?

Sakura stood up, and started walking.

She knew the only way to find Nozomi, would be to go back the way she had came.

But the question was- Which way was that?


Nozomi wandered through the forest, looking for any sign that Sakura- Her puppy- had been there.

Nozomi could only assume it was after 9 PM, but even being past her bedtime, she wasn't sleepy. She guessed she was running on adrenaline.

She told herself she was looking for a way out of the forest, but her heart told her she couldn't give up looking for her puppy.

"SAKURA! WHERE ARE YOU!" she yelled at the top of her lungs.

She heard a rumbling sound coming from behind her.

She spun around as it grew louder, and then she let out a piercing scream.



Sakuras ears perked up, as she ran, trying to follow the sound.

Then she heard a scream! Sakura was terrified!

She kept running as fast as she possibly could.

She heard a loud rubbling sound, and her instincts made her start to run away. She faught with herself, knowing that her friend was in danger.

"I'm coming Nozomi. Don't worry."

She thought, as she ran, again, towards the sound.

Chapter 3
Nozomi heard a rummbling sound coming from behind her.

She spun around as it grew louder, and then she let out a piercing scream.

A rockslide hurdled towards her.

She was frozen in fear, as the rocks got closer, and closer.

Thoughts raced through her mind;

"I'm not going to make it."

"Whats going to happen to Sakura?"

Then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw something...

"Sakura! No! Go away! Your going to get killed!"

She yelled as a large rock hurdled towards the puppy.

"NO!!!" She yelled, Running, and scooping up the frightened puppy.


Sakura ran, as the rumbling got louder, and louder.

Finally, she saw Nozomi, standing at the base of a mountain, as large rocks tumbled down.

Sakura ran for her.

"Sakura! No! Go away! Your going to get killed!"

Nozomi yelled at her. Sakura was more frightened at this, than the rocks. Nozomi had never yelled at her before, and Sakura had no idea what to make of it.

"NO!!!" Nozomi yelled, again, racing for the dog, and lifting her up.

Nozomi kept running with the dog in her arms, until they were out of the way.

Nozomi fell to her knees;

"Sakura!" She said, tears streaming down her face

"I was so scared"

Sakura licked her cheeks, her tail wagging.

"You could have been killed" Nozomi said hugging the pup.

"Look whose talking", Sakura thought."

Chapter 4
3 hours earlier;

Nozomi's mom sat at the kitchen table, at 6 PM, waiting for her daughter to get home from walking Sakura.

"Where is that girl" she muttered, walking to the window, and peering out.

She grabbed her tan, fleece jacket, and went out to search for the pair.

As she started passing by the Mayonaka forest, she saw a small pink, rhinestone collar and leash lying on the ground.

She ran over to it, and picked it up, confirming that it was Sakuras.

Terrified that her 9 year old daughter was missing, she whipped out her cellphone and called 911.


Present time

Nozomi carried Sakura in her left arm, as she picked through the forest.

"I bet theres a search party looking for us, Sakura" She stated, looking at the puppy, whose eyes started closing in her arms.

Nozomi smiled at the dog, and then looked for a place to rest. She saw a large, wide rock, and headed for it.

She plopped down on the rock, and shivered, then wrapped her jacket around herself, and Sakura.

"Its getting awfully cold out here" she said as she tried to lay on the rock.

She slowly dozed off.

Still lost, deep in the Mayonaka Forest.


police officers, and search parties scanned the area, looking for a sign that Nozomi had been there.

Pictures of Nozomi flashed on the television.

And Nozomi's mom lay on the couch in their small 2 bedroom apartment, weeping, and wondering if she would ever see her child again.

Chapter 5
Nozomi woke up to Sakura licking at her hands and face.

She half smiled and stood up, looking towards the bright blue sky.

Then, she wiped her eyes, as they filled with tears.

"No one is ever going to find us, and we will never get out of here" She thought.

"Sakura, lets keep walking, and maybe we'll find a way out of here" She said, as she picked up the dog, who still laid in her jacket.

As they walked, Nozomi heard a strange sound coming from the sky.

She looked up as a helicopter passed over head.

She ran towards it, yelling, and waving her free arm.

"HELP! HELP!" she screamed.

"Its no use" she said, stopping, and turning back around

She looked down as she saw a bush, full of blueberries.

"Finally! Something edible in this place!" she said, walking to the bush.

She picked a few berries off the bush, and started to put them in her mouth, as she remembered something her mom had said;

"Don't eat strange plants, or fruits, or anything, unless you know that its safe." Her mom had once told her.

She stared at the berries, as her stomache growled.

She was so hungry, but she was scared that she would get sick.

"How bad can it be" she thought, as she popped the berries into her mouth.

Sakura started to squirm, and sniffed Nozomi's mouth, as if curious what she was eating.

"You want some too, girl?" Nozomi questioned, picking more berries, and feeding a few to the dog.

After a while, they started walking again.

This time, Nozomi let Sakura walk along beside her.

"If only I didnt drop your leash..." Nozomi said, looking at the dog "You better not run off again".


2 Helicoptors flew over the Mayonaka Forest, looking for Nozomi.

An hour after both helicopters flew over the entire Mayonaka Forest, The first refueled, and went over the forest, once more, this time, seeing Nozomi, as she walked through the forest, But because of the trees The helicopter could not land to rescue Nozomi, so Police officers were sent into the forest to find Nozomi, in that location.


Chapter 6
Nozomi heard another Helicoptor over head.

She looked up as they yelled through a bull horn.

"Nozomi! Your mom filed a report saying you were missing, and we were sent to rescue you. Please climb up the ladder, and we will take you to the emergency room, so they can make sure your ok!" they yelled, and a rope ladder fell from the door of the helicopter.

Nozomi picked up Sakura, and walked to the ladder.

She grabbed onto it with one hand, and tried climbing with Sakura in her arm.

"Hold onto the ladder and we will pull you up." A police-man yelled down as he, and another police pulled the ladder up.

Nozomi held on as tight as she could, as she hugged Sakura, and closed her eyes.

As they pulled her into the helicopter, she looked up, and smiled.

"Are you ok?" one of the police asked.

"Just very thirsty... And hungry." She replied.

They handed her a bottle of water, and a sandwhich.

Finally, she was at the hospital, where they said she was fine, except for being dehydrated.

She was hooked up to IV's, which gave her the water, and nutrients she needed to be back to normal, and ready to go home.

Nozomi's mom rushed to the hospital, and met with Nozomi.

Sakura was rushed to a vet, but they said she was completely fine, but needed food and water.

They gave her a big bowl of water, and lots of food, and she was kept at the vet until Nozomi and her mom picked her up later that day.


The next Day

"Mom! I have to walk Sakura! She just ate and she has to do her buisness!" Nozomi said, laughing.

"Oh no you don't missy! You know what happened last time!" Nozomi's mom said, taking a piece of news paper and placing it on the floor in front of Sakura.

"Whats that for?" Nozomi asked.

"Sakura will be going on this from now on, and your job will just be to pick it up after she 'goes' on it, and put a new one down."

"Ok." Nozomi said Smiling at her mom
__________________________________________________ ______

The end

Sorry this story isn't too great, it was the first real story I ever wrote (Other then one about cats when I was, like, 8 lol)
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Lost in Mayonaka Forest - Fiction - Auther; Bailey Lilac (Me)
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