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 Jade (Book 1) - Fiction - By Bailey Lilac - Animal Series

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PostSubject: Jade (Book 1) - Fiction - By Bailey Lilac - Animal Series   Tue Aug 02, 2011 3:19 am



"Mama, I want that one, the solid black one."
"Are you sure dear, she looks like one of those creepy witch cats."
"No, I like her. Shes different. And pretty."
I lay in the corner of the cold metal cage, listening to the humans as they passed.
None had really payed attention to me before.
I was your average black cat. If a human were to just glance into my cage, they would barely even see me.
The black cat superstition could have cost me my life.
In fact, it did in a way. 6 months of my life were spent here. 6 boring, depressing, and over all horrible months.
I'm sure the 8 year old orange tabby who was housed right above me would say I was a lucky little kitten, but I didn't agree. Not at all.
My mother had been a shelter cat as well. She was found behind a McDonalds. No one knew she was pregnant with 9 little kittens until she was brought into the shelter. Where me and my 8 brothers and sisters were born.
One by one, all of my family was adopted. I wanted so desperately to be adopted out with one of them, but I wasn't.
Now, seeing this little girl take interest in me, it gave me some hope. It was like the final piece of food in your dish at the end of the day, and you try to hold onto it as long as you can, when finally one of the shelter volenteers comes in and dumps a little more food into your dish.
"Ok Mia, I guess if you want this one over all the others, it's your choice." The mother of the child said.
I popped my eyes open, looking desperately at the girl. She had short brown hair, pulled up into pigtails, and a pink shirt that said "2Cute" on it.
"YAY!" She yelled, bouncing around by my cage. I walked to the bars of my cage, and slowly poked my nose out, closing my eyes, and sniffing the girl. She smelled like french fries and chocolate. It didn't smell very good, but if she would share those things with me, I would like her.
"Look at her eyes! They're green!" The little girl said, poking her finger through the bars, and stroking my neck. I purred, and closed my eyes slightly.
"They're actually Jade." The mother said. That was correct, but I did not like this lady.

Chapter 1

"Ok, That's the last of the paper work, Mrs. Washington." Mr. Jones, the shelter manager, said, sliding over a piece of paper.
"Alright." Mrs. Washington began skimming over the document.
"When will we get to bring Jade home, Mama?" Leah asked, leaning over to peek at the document, although she could only read a few words off the paper.
Mrs. Washington had quickly brought her daughter to the front desk to ask about adopting Jade as soon as it was decided that she was the one Leah wanted. They now sat in a small, dim office, right off of the lobby, filling out adoption papers.
"You will be able to bring her home whenever you want." Mr. Jones answered, before Mrs. Washington had a chance.
"Really!? Mommy, can we bring her home today? Please?"
"Sure, Leah."
"Do you have a carrier to bring her home in?" Mr. Jones asked.
"Yes, it's in the car."

Sorry this is a short (and boring) chapter. I will probably be adding to it later. I'm sleepy now xD

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PostSubject: Re: Jade (Book 1) - Fiction - By Bailey Lilac - Animal Series   Sat Aug 27, 2011 9:53 pm

thats deep, bro.♥ xD lol i really like it i reaaaallly do!
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PostSubject: Re: Jade (Book 1) - Fiction - By Bailey Lilac - Animal Series   Sat Aug 27, 2011 9:58 pm

ROFL! Thank u B.! =D
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PostSubject: Re: Jade (Book 1) - Fiction - By Bailey Lilac - Animal Series   

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Jade (Book 1) - Fiction - By Bailey Lilac - Animal Series
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