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 A Beary Scary Story -Fiction- Auther; Bailey Lilac (Me)

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A Beary Scary Story -Fiction- Auther; Bailey Lilac (Me) Empty
PostSubject: A Beary Scary Story -Fiction- Auther; Bailey Lilac (Me)   A Beary Scary Story -Fiction- Auther; Bailey Lilac (Me) EmptyTue Jun 14, 2011 11:05 pm

All characters in this story are fictional



Chapter 1

Janruary 8th, 2011, I ran down the stairs, to the kitchen, almost tripping down the stairs two times.

"Mom." I said, panting.

"Good morning, Bailey" My mom said as she cracked eggs into a pan.

"What are we doing for my birthday party tomorrow?"

"Whatever you want, Sweety. " My mom said, turning to wink at me.

"But normally that means anything under twenty bucks" I said exaggerating.

"Well... We might be able to splurge a little bit this year, considering my pay raise."


"As long as its not too much. Remember, I've gotta pay the bills."

"Can we have my party at Buildabear?!"

There was a long pause, and my enthusiasm started to turn into disappointment.

"Just Siarra, Alexis, and me?" I begged

"Well... I guess so."

"YAY! Thank you!!!" I cheered.

I ran up to my room, and pulled out my laptop.

The only thing left to do- Pick out my PAWfect bear.

I typed in "" and went straight for the bears.

"Bailey, Quiet down." My older sister, Alexis groaned from under her blanket.

"I'm sorry Lex, I'm just so excited because tomorrow were going to..." I paused, running over to her bed, "BUUUUILDABEAR!" I yelled, pulling her blanket away from her head.

"Congrats" She said sleepily, Pulling her blanket back.

I giggled and went back to my computer, and found my bear. The PINK CUDDLES TEDDY!


Chapter 2

I was so happy the whole rest of the day, I couldn't stop smiling.

At 5:37 PM, My mom took me to my best friend Siara's house, so she, and my sister, could get "Something..." (Which I knew, meant my birthday card, and cake).

Me and Siarra had been friends since... well... since as long as I can remember.

As soon as we got to her house, Me and Siarra ran up to her room, and I just couldn't hold it in any longer;

"I'M GOING TO BUILDABEAR FOR MY BIRTHDAY!" I screamed, jumping up and down.

"NO WAY!" She yelled, now jumping along with me.

Siarras mom swung open the door.

"What happened!?! Are you girls O.K.?!" she yelled, sounding frightened.

I tried not to laugh, as Siarra explained that everything was ok, and that we were just overly excited. I appologized, as Siarras mom walked out of the room.

Me and Siarra burst out laughing.

"What bear are you gonna get?" She said, as we quieted down.

"The Pink Cuddles bear."


"Its for my birthday party, so my mom said you can come. Do you wanna come?" I said, grinning.

"Of course!"

A half hour later, my mom and Alexis came to pick me up, and we went home.

That night, I had a hard time sleeping, but eventually, I was able to.

Tomorrow is going to be the best day ever, I thought as I drifted off.


Chapter 3

The next morning, when I woke up, I sleepily looked over at my alarm clock and jumped! it was already 12 PM!!!

I looked over to my sisters bed, to see that it was empty, and then I bolted down stairs, and when I got to the living room, my mom, my sister, Siarra, and Siarra's mom all yelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" so loud, that I jumped. "Oh my gosh!!! Thank you so much!" I yelled as I looked on the coffee table. There were two presents, and the coolest birthday cake EVER! The cake had white frosting, and on the top, it looked kinda spray painted. It faded from purple, to pink, and it had purple trim, and purple and pink flowers!

Siarra ran over to me yelling "open your presents!" and shoved a small box into my hands. The wrapping paper was hot pink with orange stripes, and sparkles! "Ok" I said, laughing as I tore the wrapping paper. I opened a box and saw the cutest BUILDABEAR OUTFIT! "NO WAY!" I said, hugging Siarra.

"Do you like it?" She said, grinning.

"Do I like it? I LOVE IT!"

"I thought you would!!!"

"Now open mine!" My sister said, picking up a smaller box, with blue wrapping paper.

I took the box, and tore into it.

Inside, was a charm bracelet, with butterflies, flowers, stars, hearts, and peace signs all over it!

"COOL!" I said, running over to her, an giving her a hug "I love it!"

"YAY!" she said, giggling.

"Mom, when are we going to Buildabear?" I questioned.

"As soon as you get dressed and eat breakfast!" she said, laughing.

"Oh. Ok!" I said running upstairs. "Be right back."

I ran upstares, and got dressed in a long sleeved light purple dress, black belt, and black ballet flats, brushed my hair, and ran back down stairs, to the kitchen. I quickly ate a bowl of cereal, and ran back to the living room.

"Done." I said, running towards the door.

My mom, and Siarras mom grabbed their purses, and Alexis and Siarra followed me out the door.

We all hopped in the car, and drove to Buildabear Workshop!!!


Chapter 4

As we parked in the mall parking lot, I burst out of the car, and started running towards the doors.

"C'mon!" I yelled back at them.

"Slow down Bailey," My mom called back.

Siarra ran up next to me and started grinning.

I burst out laughing at the expression on her face.

"What?" She questioned.

"Your face," I said, still laughing.

She jokingly rolled her eyes and walked to the doors.

Finally, we were all in the mall, and walking up to Buildabear!

I was so excited, I almost screamed.

As we came to the door way, I bolted in.

"This is soooo AWESOME!" I said to Siarra as she ran in after me.

"Hi, Welcome to Buildabear Workshop. How may I help you?" The lady at the entrance said to us.

"Hi! We're Just looooking," I said back.

"Bailey look!" Siarra said, walking up to a Hello Kitty.

"Awww!" I said running over to it, and picking it up.

"Its head is GIANT!" I said trying to hold it under its arms, as its head fell all over the place. I set it back down, and ran to the Pink Cuddles bears.

"This is my bear!" I said excitedly, picking up an unstuffed pink teddy bear.

"Siarra, Lex, What bears are you getting?" I questioned as they looked at the bears.

"I dunno yet. Too many cute ones" Siarra said, walking past the rows of bears.

"Same here..." Alexis replied picking up some bears, and plopping them back down.

After a while, Siarra finally picked out a Lil' coconut cub, and Alexis picked out a Brown Sugar pup. Siarras mom and my mom were talking to eachother as we walked over, to ask if we could stuff our bears.

"Sure, you three go along and stuff your bears, and Bailey, you can get an outfit for your bear" My mom said, smiling.

"Ok! Thank you mom!" I said, running off towards the giant stuffing machines.

A worker walked over to the machine.

"Hi, are you ready to stuff your furry friend?" She asked.

"Yes." I said, smiling, and trying to keep from being too excited.

"Ok" She said, smiling, and reaching for my bear.

I handed over my bear, and she took out a magic marker, and asked my name. When I told her, she wrote it on the tag, and put the pole of the stuffing machine in the back of my bear. She said for me to step on the petal, so I did, and the machine shot stuffing into my bear. Once my bear was stuffed, we did the heart ceramony. Siarra started laughing at me, as I spun around two times, and rubbed the heart on my nose.

"Just wait, your next!" I said to her.

"I'm not doing that," She said, still laughing.

"You have to, or your bear will be heartless."

"Fine..." She said picking a heart.

After the woman sewed up my bear, Siarra and Alexis had their bears stuffed too.

Then we went over the the bath, and bathed our bears.

Then I went to pick out an outfit, as Siarra and Alexis browsed around.

"Thats awfully cute, don't you agree?"

I heard a high pitched voice say.

I turned around, expecting to see Siarra, laughing... Or even Alexis. But I didn't see anyone.

"Let me try it on." I heard the voice again.

"Siarra stop it, that just sounds creepy" I said, looking for Siarra.

"I didn't say anything." She said, peering over at me from the shoes.

"Lexi?" I questioned

"Not me." Alexis replied

"What was that?" I said

"Maybe it was your BEAR" Alexis said picking up a pair of Pajamas, and laughing.

I looked down at my bear, and just stared at her.

What WAS that...


Chapter 5

I finally just assumed it must be my imagination, so I tried to stop thinking about that strange voice I'd heard.

I looked at the clothes for a while, then it hit me. Siarra had given me a casual outfit for my bear, but I needed pajamas for her!

I ran to a small wall that had pajamas, slippers, and a few other things.

I picked up a cute pair of pajamas. It was a white shirt, with puffy pink sleeves, and a design in the middle, that said 'dream', and pink pants with matching designs all over them. I picked the matching slippers up, and went to dress my bear.

"I like this" I heard the voice again.

"What?" I whispered.

"I like these pajamas" It replied.

The sound was coming from my bear!

"Umm... Bear... are you... uhh... the one talking?" I asked, nervously.

"Of course." The voice replied.

I gulped.

"Prove it" I said, still whispering.

My bear sat up, on the table where I had her laying, and blinked.

"Oh my gosh" I said, feeling light headed.

"Buy these for me please." She said, now her mouth moving along with the words.

"Umm... Well, I can ask my mom too...".

"That'll do" She said, and She smiled!

"May I pick you up, or would you rather walk?" I questioned.

"Who are you talking too?" I heard Siarra say coming up behind me.

"Siarra!" I said, jumping.

My bear fell on the table, lifeless, like she had been just minutes before.

"whats up?" I said, picking my bear up, and hugging her tight.

"Why were you talking to your bear?" Siarra said, laughing.

"You know me, I'm crazy".

"You sure are... So, is that the outfit your getting?".

"Yeah, cute isn't it" I said, walking to the computers.

"Sure is." She said now walking beside me.

"Whats lex doing?" I asked.

"Oh just looking at stuff" She said, now sounding nervous.

"Lets fill out our birth certificates. Alexis can make hers later" she said, tugging on my arm.

"Ok than..." I said following her to the computers.

We each took a seat on a stool, and started filling out the information.

We both got the part where you name your bear, at about the same time.

"What are you naming your bear?" I asked.

"Sandy." She replied.

"Why sandy?".

"Cause she looks kinda sandy, and cocoanuts are normally on beaches, and there is sand on a beach" .

"Ok then" I said laughing.

"What are you naming your bear?"

"I hadn't really thought of a name yet" I said looking at my bear.

"You better think of one fast".

"Be right back" I said running back to the bathing area.

"What? Why!?" Siarra yelled to me.

I made sure no one could hear me, then I stopped and looked at my bear.

"What do you want to be named?" I said quickly.

"Isabella" my bear said, and winked at me.

"Ok" I said smilling and running back to the computers.

I sat down and typed the name.

"Whats up with you B.?" Siarra said, clearly confused.

"Nothing. Whats wrong with you? Its like you and lex are hiding something from me." I replied.

Her eyes bugged out.

"what?! No! I mean..." She said, her voice trailing off, as she looked behind me.

"Alexis!" She yelled

"Hi." Alexis said sitting on the stool beside me.

"Hi..." I said, finishing my birth certificate.

"Watcha hiding from me?" I asked.

"What?" Alexis questioned.

She had already started filling things out, and she seemed to be rushing.

"You will see later" She replied, looking to me, and smiling.

"Ok.. Well, I'm gonna go show mom my bear" I said standing up, and smiling to Alexis and Siarra.

I assumed she had gotten me a present.

"Oooh! I'm gonna show my mom, my bear too!" Siarra said, walking with me.

"Hey, wait for meee!" Alexis said, hurrying more to fill out all the information

"Ok" Me and Siarra said in unison, then we laughed.

In a few seconds, Alexis was done with her certificate, and we walked over to my mom, and Siarra's mom, with our bears in our arms.

My mom had her hand behind her back, but I could see a buildabear bag. I was curious as to what it was, but I knew it must be the present Alexis and Siarra were hiding, and I'd find out when we left the store.

"So thats what you girls want?" My mom said, smiling.

"Yes" Me and Siarra said.

"Yuup" Alexis said.

We walked to the register, and put our bears on the counter. The woman behind the desk picked up 3 birth certificates and showed them to us.

"Are these for your bears?" She asked

"Yeah" We all said

"Alrighty then." She said, putting our bears in their own little boxes.

We walked out of the mall, and to our car.

My mom put everything in the trunk, and we drove home.

What a day.


Chapter 6

When we got home, Siarra, Alexis, and me, rushed up the stairs with our buildabear boxes, and Alexis held on to that other buildabear bag.

We ran into Alexis' and my bedroom, and sat down on beanbags.

"Whats in that baaaag?" I questioned.

"Open it!" Alexis said, pushing the bag towards me.

I opened it quickly and pulled out a pink, folded up, Buildabear size bed, and Patterned comforter and pillow.

"COOL!" I yelled, ripping open the package with the pillow and comforter, and putting it on the bed.

"I thought you'd love it!" Alexis said, Happily.

"And Lex told me to cover for her while she bought it and handed it to your mom" Siarra said, laughing.

"Thank you both so much for everything!" I said, hugging them both, as tight as I could.

Then, I opened my buildabear box, and pulled Isabella out, and put her on the bed.

"I gotta get her other outfit, and my charm bracelet!" I said, running towards the door, swinging it open, and retrieving the outfit and bracelet, and running back.

"Got'em" I said, closing the door, and leaning back into it.

Siarra and Alexis laughed at me, and I sat on my bean bag.

I folded the buildabear outfit, and put it on the buildabear bed, beside Isabella.

"Get your bears out!" I said

"Ok" Siarra said, as she and Alexis opened their boxes and lifted their bears.

"Do they..." I paused, feeling embarrassed "Never mind"

"Do they what?" Alexis asked, sounding very confused.

"Haha! I was gonna play a joke on you guys but its not that funny..." I lied.

"Finish it than." Siarra said

"Do your bears talk. I thought it was funny cuz what Lexi said in buildabear, about my bear talking... haha..."

"Oh." they said in unison.

"Lets go get some cake!" I said, running to put my charm bracelet on my bedside table, and then running out the door.

"Can we have cake mom?!" I yelled down the stairs, as I ran down them.

"Sure, but you have to have lunch first. What do you want to eat?"

"Pizza!" yelled, reaching the bottom of the stairs, as Siarra and Alexis came up behind me.

"Ok, let me call the pizza place. What type of pizza do you want?"

"CHEESE!" Me and Siarra said in unison.

"Aww, Darn." Alexis said

"Its all about the birthday girl" I said, laughing

"We can get 3 small pizzas" My mom said, turning to Alexis.

"Can I get Pepperoni Pleeeeease?" Alexis asked.

"Ok, 2 small cheese pizzas, and one Pepperoni." My mom said, lifting the phone, and dialing the number.

"Uhh... I gotta go get something. Stay here" I said, running to my room, and picking my bear up.

"Isabella, Do you need any food?" I asked my bear.

"I need no food." She replied, squirming in my hands.

I set her on her bed, and she picked up the outfit Siarra had bought for me.

"May I wear this?" Isabella asked.

"Sure, do what ever you want, just dont break anything please" I said, going to the door.

"Why do you keep leaving?"

"Because its my birthday, and I have alot of stuff going on today."

She frowned and I could swear I saw a tear running down her furry cheak.

"Oh no, Don't cry! I will spend time with you later!" I said, quickly.

"Alright..." She said.

I got down my key chains, and pulled off a mini rubix cube

"Play with this if you want." I said, handing it to her.

She looked at it, then turned the top row of cubes on it.

"Okay" She said, turning more rows.

"Ok. have fun. I'll be back later. Don't make a mess."

I rushed back to the living room and sat down on the couch.

"What did you have to do up there?" Siarra asked

"Oh. I Thought I had birthday napkins but I was wrong" I lied.

"Oh..." Siarra responded.

"Siarra..." I said, feeling bad that I had lied to her.

"What?" She asked, sitting down beside me.

"I have to tell you something".


Chapter 7

"What is it?"

Siarra asked, looking worried.

"Umm... You know Isabella, My buildabear...?"

I asked nervously, trying to think of how to tell her.

"Of course. I was with you when you got her, today."

"Well... I know your not gonna believe me... but... Isabella talks... and moves."

"Oh, yeah, on Buildabearville. "

"No! She REALLY talks, and walks!"

"Are you ok, Bailey?"

"Of course I'm ok! Come see for your self!"

I pulled Siarra's arm, trying to get her to come with me.

"Ok, Ok, I believe you."

She said, pulling her arm back

"No you don't! Just come with me and I'll show you! I'm not lying!"

"Ok, I'll come see."

She said, obviously still thinking I'd lost my mind.

We walked to my room, and I picked up Isabella.

"Isabella! This is my friend Siarra! I told her that you talk, and move!"

Isabella didn't do anything.

"Thats some bear..."

Siarra said, sarcasticly

"Isabella! Please talk or we won't ever leave!"

I pleaded.

Finally, Isabella blinked, and pulled away from me.

"Oh my gosh! You really weren't lying!"

Siarra said, taking a step away from Isabella.

"She won't hurt you"

I said, laughing.

"How could you!"

Isabella yelled in her squeeky voice.

"How could I what?"

"The scientists are going to take me away!"

"What?! No! I just told Siarra! She won't tell anyone!!!"

Isabella pulled her front paws up to her eyes.

Siarra came and sat on the floor beside Isabella.

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone."

Siarra said, putting a hand on Isabella's head.


Isabella asked, looking up at Siarra.


Siarra replied.

"Now do you believe me?"

I asked Siarra.

"Yes, But how come none of my bears came alive?"

"I came alive when Bailey finished the Heart Ceremony." Isabella replied.

"What? I did the Heart Ceremony for both my bears!"

"Yes, but Bailey did the Heart ceremony because she wanted to. Not because she had to."

"Well then how come there aren't MILLIONS of talking bears in the world!"

"There are, but we don't see them, because most of the owners are very young, and their bears hide the fact that they talk and walk, and when the children tell their parents, their parents think they are making it up."

"But what about when they are older?"

I asked.

"Either they promise the bears they won't tell, or the children forget about them, and the bears eventually stop coming alive."

Isabella answered.

Siarra's and my eyes bugged out.

"Thats sad."

Siarra replied.

"Yes it is."

Isabella said.

"So, there's no chance my bears could ever come alive?"

Siarra asked, seeming disapointed.

"Well there is one way."

Isabella responded.

"Whats that?"

Me and Siarra said in unicyn.


Chapter 8

"You would have to re-do the heart ceremony... and this time, do it right."

Isabella said, walking to her small bed, and sitting on it.

"What? I'd have to take both of them BACK to buildabear to do another heart ceremony?!"

Siarra said, seeming shocked.


Isabella replied.

"I guess I'll have to then..."

Siarra said, seeming disappointed again.

All of a sudden, the bedroom door flew open.

"Hey... Whats going on?"

Alexis said, stepping into the room.


Me and Siarra said, turning around quickly.

"What are you hiding"

Alexis said, walking towards us.


Me and Siarra said again.

"Well C'mon, we're about to have lunch, then cake."

Alexis said, seeming annoyed.


Siarra said, standing up.

I stood up quickly and ran out the door.

"Come on!"

I said, marching down the stairs.

Me, Siarra, and Alexis ate quickly, then we went back into the living room,and everyone started singing.

"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Bailey! Happy birthday to you!"

Then they yelled "BLOW OUT THE CANDLES!"

and I blew them out quickly.

"Did you make a wish?"

Siarra asked.

"Of course"

I replied.

"What'd you wish for?"

Alexis asked.

"Don't ask her that! if she tells, it wont come true!"

Siarra said.

We started laughing, and my mom handed me a knife.

"Cut the cake!"

she said, smiling.

"Just don't cut the cheese."

Siarra said, laughing.

I cut a giant piece of cake, and scooped it onto my plate.


I said, giggling

"Whoa, birthday girl!"

My mom said, looking at the piece I'd taken.

"C'mon! it's my birthday!"


She said, cutting everyone else a piece.

I took a plastic fork, and plopped down on the couch.

After Siarra got her piece, she sat down next to me, and took a big bite of cake.


She said with her mouth full of cake.


I said, laughing.


After the party, Siarra and her mom left.

Me and Alexis got into our pajamas, and I took Isabella's bed, and put it on my bedside table.

Then I got Isabella in her Pajamas.

"You act like that bear is real."

Alexis said, lauging.

"You don't know the half of it"

I said, under my breath.


Alexis said, walking over to me.


I said quickly.

"It sounded like you said 'You don't know the half of it'?"

"If I tell you a secret, do you promise you won't tell anyone?"

I asked, sitting on my bed.

"I Promise."

"Ok... Isabella talks, and walks."

"Yeah right"

"No really! Isabella, Talk for us please"

Isabella started blinking, and sat up on her Bear-Sized bed.

"Shouldn't you be going to sleep?!"

Isabella said, angrily.

"OH MY!"

Alexis said, backing up, quickly.


I said.


She yelled.

"Be quite!"

I yelled back.


Chapter 9

"Bailey! Have you told mom about this- this- this CREATURE?!!"

Alexis yelled, seeming mad.

"No. What if she wants us to get rid of her? And anyways, shes not a creature!"

I yelled back, feeling my blood pressure go up.

"You NEED to get rid of her! Talking stuffed animals are NOT NORMAL!"

"Why'd I even tell you?!"

"It's a good thing you did!"

Alexis started reaching for Isabella.


I shreeked.

Alexis put her hand over Isabella's face and then pulled her hand back quickly, screaming.



I said, starting to laugh.


She screamed.

All of a sudden, our bedroom door flew open.

"Bailey?! Alexis!? Are you ok?!"

Our mom stood there, holding the baseball bat she kept in her room for protection.

Alexis and I stood there staring.

Finally Alexis spoke.

"Bailey's bear TALKS!"

She yelled pointing at me.

I was silent.

My mom just looked at Alexis, as if waiting for her to say she was kidding.

"Lexi lost her mind."

I said, looking down at my bear.

"Alexis, maybe you need to sleep in the guest bedroom tonight."


Alexis protested.

"Mom! She tried to take my bear!"

"Alexis, what do you have to say for your self?"

Alexis was silent.

"Lex, your sleeping in the guest bedroom, c'mon."

My mom said, walking in and taking Alexis by her arm, and pulling her out.

"But mom!"

Alexis cried.

The bedroom door shut, and I paused, making sure they were gone.

"Isabella, are you ok?"

I asked, looking at Isabella.

"Why'd you tell her?!"

Isabella cried.

"She's my sister! We share a room! She'd find out anyway!"

"Now the scientists are going to take me away and experiment on me!"

"No! I won't let that happen! I promise!"

"You can't promise that! They will just take me!"

"Who would believe a bear could talk?!"

Shockingly, Isabella was at a loss for words.

"I need to talk to Alexis..."

I said, standing up.

I tucked Isabella into her Bear-Sized bed, and left the room.

I walked down stairs, and through the living room, to a door, about 7 feet away from the bottom of the stairs.

I knocked on the door quitely.

"Lex, open up."

I whispered.

Alexis opened the door, her face red.

"What do you want?"

She said, angrily.

"Were you crying?"



I pushed past her, and walked into the room.

"Why are you mad that Isabella is alive! Shes like a pet! You have no reason to dislike her."

Alexis looked down at her feet.

"I guess... I guess your right."

She said eventually.

"So you don't hate her?"

"No... but you have to tell mom."


"Lets go."


"Yes now!"

Alexis walked out the door, and up the stairs.

I chased after her.

I figured, we had to tell our mom sometime, so I just followed Alexis to our moms bedroom.

"Mom" Alexis said, knocking at the door.

"Alexis I thought I told you-"

Our mom said, opening the door, but stopping as she saw me as well.

"Mom... Isabella does really talk."

I said.

"It is 9:30 PM and you both want to play games? Go to bed now."

"No! Its true!"

Alexis yelled.

"I'll show you!"

I said, running to retrieve Isabella.

I ran back to the door, where My mom and Alexis stood, watching Isabella.

"Isabella, Please talk for my mom."

Isabella opened her eyes.

"Oh no, your telling someone else?!"

Isabella cried.

My moms eyes bugged out.

"What on earth?!"

she yelled.


Me and Alexis said.


Chapter 10

"You really were telling the truth!"

Our mom said.

"Don't tell anyone or the scientists will take her away!!"

I yelled.

"I won't tell anyone."

My mom replied.

"How many people have you told, Bailey?"

Alexis asked.

"3, counting you and mom."

I responded.

"Whose the third?"

Alexis asked.

"Siarra, but she won't tell anyone."

I answered.

"Ok, well, you girls better get to sleep. You have school in the morning."

Our mom said, sending me and Alexis off to our room.


The next day, I felt someone hitting my arm.

"Lex stop"

I groaned.

"Wake up Bailey!"

I heard a squeeky voice, yell into my face.

"What?! Isabella?!"

I yelled, sitting up


She said, falling off my side, and onto the bed.

I picked her up, setting her in front of me.

"Why do you want me to wake up so badly?"

I asked

"Alexis told me to wake you up, so we won't be late for school"

"Wait, whose we?"

"Me, you, and Alexis of course."

"Lex said you could come?!"

"Not in so many words..."

"What exactly did she say?"

"She said 'Wake Bailey up so we won't be late for school'."

"She meant me and her. You can't come with us, Isabella."

Isabella looked disappointed.

"Look, How about if your a good bear while I'm at school, as soon as I get home, you and I will go to buildabear, and spend my allowance on bear clothes?"

I said.


Isabella said, looking excited.

I laughed, and stood up, being careful not to knock Isabella over.

I quickly got dressed, brushed my teeth, and tossed some books in my bookbag.

"Whats that?"

Isabella asked, pointing her paw at my bookbag.

"Its my bookbag. I use it to carry my books to school."

I replied

"How neat.... Mind if I sit in there durring school?"

"As a matter of fact, I do mind. I take this with me to school, and you could get hurt in here."


Isabella yelled, dramatically.

"Wow. Its like babysitting"

I muttered.

"I heard that"

Isabella said, jumping off my bed, and tumbling to the floor.


She cried.

I walked over and picked her up.

"I don't have time for this, Isabella. I'm putting all your stuff on the floor, so you won't get hurt."

I said, setting her back down, and getting her things off my bedside table.

I sat her bed on the floor, and put her clothes on top of it, along with the Rubix Cube Keychain I'd given her.

Then I walked to my bookbag, picked it up, and walked to the door.

"Bye Isabella. Have fun, and behave."

I said, closing the door, and walking to the kitchen.

"Good morning"

Alexis said, as I entered the kitchen.

"Good morning..."

I said, sitting down at the table, where I usually sat.

Our mom sat a plate in front of Alexis, then in front of me.


I said, looking at the plate of Pancakes, Bacon, eggs, a biscuit, and a hashbrown.

"I know this is gonna be good, considering you got it from McDonalds."

Alexis said, laughing.

"Oh whatever"

Mom said, laughing as well.

Me and Alexis finished eating, and left.

We met up with Siarra, and kept walking to school.

"How's your bear doing?"

Siarra asked.

"Fine. Still loves that Rubix Cube."

I said, laughing.


Chapter 11

As soon as Alexis, Siarra and I got to school, Kayla, A girl from Siarra's and my Science class, ran up to me.


She yelled.

"Hi Kayla..."

I said, awkwardly.

"Is it true that you have a real bear?!"

She whispered.

"What?! No!"

"Siarra told me your Buildabear came to life?"


"Oh... I feel so dumb"

Kayla said, blushing.

"You're not dumb, its just a misunderstanding."

"Thanks Bailey, your a good friend"

"No problem."

I said, as Kayla rushed off to her locker.

I quickly turned back to Siarra, and she ran to her locker, opening it up and sticking her head inside.


I whispered, angrily.

"Bailey! I couldn't help it! I'm sorry!"

"If Isabella gets taken away, YOUR gonna pay!"

I said, walking off.


Siarra yelled, chasing after me.

"Forget it Siarra!"

I said, stopping to stare angrily at her.

Siarra looked as though she just realized how mad I was at her.


"I told you a secret and you blabbed it to Kayla, and who knows who else! If I can't trust you, then..."

I paused.

"Then what? Your not gonna say....."

"We can't be friends"

Siarra and I said in unicyn.

Siarra stood, silent.

I turned and walked to class.

I didn't even notice, Alexis had been standing about 2 feet away from Siarra, listening to our conversation.

"Bailey, are you seriously gonna stop being friends with Siarra over that?"

She said, rushing up beside me.

"Yes I'm sure! I can't be friends with someone I can't trust, and Isabella is important to me!"

"Why can't you be friends with her, and just know you can't tell her secrets?"

"I just cant be friends with her... Not now."


"I've gotta go to class......"

"Me to..."

"Cya at lunch."

Me and Alexis rushed off to our class's.

The whole day, I avoided Siarra as best I could.

After school, Me and Alexis walked home, without Siarra, which was unusual for us.

"We're home"

Me and Alexis yelled as soon as we walked in the house.


My mom said, walking up to me, looking upset.

"Whats wrong?!"

"I went in your room to put yours and Lexi's clothes away, and I expected to see Isabella, but I didn't. I called for her, but she wasn't there."

"No no no no no!"

I cried, running up the stairs to my room.


I yelled, walking into my room.

I looked under Alexis' bed and then under mine, and still didn't see her.

As I stood up, I turned to the window, and saw the curtain blowing.

I ran to the window, and pulled the purple curtain to the side, and I saw the glass was up, about 16 inches.

I looked out the window, and I saw Isabella on the ground, not moving.

Quickly, I ran downstairs.

"Isabella's outside!"

I yelled, running out the front door.

Alexis ran after me.

"What happened?!"

She cried.

"I don't know! Come with me!"



Chapter 12

Me and Alexis ran around to the back of the house.

Right away, I saw Isabella, and ran over to her.

"Buildabears can't die like that, can they?"

Alexis asked, following me.

"I'm not a bear doctor! I don't know!"

I said, scooping Isabella up, off the ground.


Alexis yelled.

"Isabella, are you ok!?"

I cried.

Isabella started to blink.

"I'm fine...."

She said.

"What happened?!"

I asked.

"I thought the window was a small door, and when I opened it, I fell out."

"How come you didn't walk back into the house?"

Alexis asked

"I didn't want anyone knowing I was alive."

Isabella brushed herself off.

Alexis and I started to walk back to the front door, but as we got to the side of the house, we saw a pitch black car, with tinted windows pull into our drive way.

I put Isabella on the ground and pulled Alexis over to the bushes on the side of our house, and I put my hand over her mouth so she wouldn't yell at me.

She looked at me, and her eyes bugged out, as she tried to push my hand away.

With my other hand, I put my finger to my mouth, as if to tell her to be quite.

I pulled Isabella into the bushes, and hid her, then I started to crawl to the edge of the bushes.

I turned back and motioned for Alexis to sit.

Then as I looked back to the car, I saw a police officer walking to the front door.

He knocked on the door, and I heard the front door open.

"Hello, I have gotten reports of a live toy bear at your house. We have been informed that it is an Alien."

The police man said.

"I'm sorry, there are no live toy bears in this house, and there are certainly no aliens."

My mom replied.

"Well I must inform you, there will be a search of your house, and if we discover any alien life, we must take it in for research, and we will have to take you in for aiding and abetting an illegal alien."

The police man pushed past my mom, and into the house.

I quickly crawled back to Alexis.

"Lex, a cop just walked in the house! He's searching for Isabella, and if he finds her, she'll be taken in for research and mom will be taken in for aiding and abetting an illegal alien!!!!!!"

I whispered, almost crying.

"What do we do!"

"We take Isabella and run! I bet they are going to search outside when they are done searching inside, and even if they don't, we can't chance it."

"What?! Were running away!!??"

"Just until late tonight! Then we come back and tell mom that me, you, and Isabella are going on the run, and then we pack a small bag with things we need."

"Bailey! Have you lost your mind!?"

"Look! Think what you want, Do what you want, I dont care! This is endangering mom, and Isabella, and I'm going. If you don't want to come, then dont."

"Your my little sister. I'm coming. No matter how crazy it is, I won't let you get killed alone."

I picked up Isabella, then Alexis and I went around the back of the house, and through the neighbors backyard. Then we just kept running, until we were to the 3rd house past ours. Then we turned, and went into the woods.

"We're gonna find a hiding spot in here, and stay until my watch says 9:15pm."

I said, panting.


Alexis said, struggling to keep up.

We kept running until we found a large tree, with a rock at the base of it.

We sat down on the rock, and I sat Isabella down beside me.

"Isabella, I think we're safe now, but if you hear anyone other than me and lex, play dead until I tell you it's safe again."



Chapter 13

Isabella blinked, and sat up.

"I'm scared."

She said.

"I know. I am too, but don't worry. Me and Lex will do all we can to protect you."

I said, hugging her.

"Yeah, You're family now. We're gonna keep you safe."

Alexis said, smiling.


Me, Alexis, and Isabella all chatted until 9:10 PM. Then we all got really quiet.

The minutes passed quickly, and we finally started running to the house.

We ran around back, and made sure no one was there, then, we went in the back door, and found our mom.


I yelled.

She jumped.

"Oh my goodness! You girls had me terrified! What happened to you!"

She cried.

"We saw the people looking for Isabella and Bailey said we had to run and hide until 9:15, then come back and tell you-"

Alexis rambled on.

"Me, Isabella, and lex are going on the run. We're gonna go pack some stuff, and then we're going to run away, so that Isabella doesn't get found out."

I interupted.

"What?! You cannot do that!"

"We have to!"

I cried.

"Bye mom. We love you."

Me and Alexis said in unicyn.

We all hugged, and me and Alexis ran up stairs with Isabella.

I got out my camping backpack, and my sleeping bag.

Then, I grabbed all my money I was saving up, for an emergency. I figured this was the time to use it.

I shoved the money in my wallet, and put that in my backpack.

Then I packed my clothes all in the largest pocket of my backpack.

Then I took Isabella's Pajamas, and put them in the middle pocket of my backpack, along with a notebook, gloves, and cellphone.

"I'm gonna get some food."

I called to alexis, who was also packing her backpack.

She nodded.

I ran to the kitchen, and got the rest of the bread (which was only half the bag) and the jar of peanut butter.

Then I got some fruit and 2 bottles of water.

I ran back, and put everything in the large pocket of the bookbag, and then I picked up Isabella.

"For now, I have to put you in here."

I said to her.


She said, happily.

I put her in, and closed up my backpack.

"Lets go..."

I said.

Alexis closed her backpack, and put it on.

I put mine on, and we walked to the living room.

"Bye mom..."

I said.

"Bye girls. Please be safe, and come back soon."

"I'll call you when we're coming back, and if its not safe, say '123'."


Alexis said, looking at me.

"Secret code.."

Alexis laughed at me.

Finally we left, and we ran back into the woods.

This time, we ran further.

And we kept running...

And running...

And running...


Chapter 14

After we had ran for about an hour, in the woods, we had to sit down.


I said quitely, as we sat on a rock.

"Whats up...?"

Alexis responded.

"I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"For everything. I just can't believe I got you and mom into this, and now it could change all of our lives."

"Sis, we're family. We're sisters. You told me that I didn't have to come with you, but I wanted to. I wasn't going to let you come out here by yourself."

"I know but I feel like I forced you"

"You didn't force me-"

Alexis was interupted by a crackling in the leaves.

"Thankfully Isabella is still in my backpack."

I thought.

This time, We heard another sound- but it wasn't just the leaves.

It sounded like a cat, but I could tell by the terrified look on Alexis' face that she too knew it wasn't a common house cat.

"Bailey. Cougar."

Alexis managed.

I remembered what I had read in a book once, about cougers. It said if you run into a cougar (AKA Mountain Lion) try to look big. It said, if you have a jacket on, open your jacket and raise your arms- At least... I think thats what it said.

Alexis screamed, which distracted me from my thoughts.

I looked at her, and saw her staring up at the mountain to the left of us.

"That can't be where the cougar is, if we heard it in the bushes."

I whispered desperately, more as a question than a statement.

All of a sudden, I saw it.

A HUGE cougar up on a ledge of the mountain.

Then, I heard a hiss, and looked to the right of me, where I saw yet another cougar.

"Try to look big and scary!"

I yelled.

"Bailey! I'm scared!"

"And you think I'm not?! Stand up and raise your arms!"

I yelled, standing quickly and opening my jacket.


I yelled

Alexis stood slowly.

"Lexi! Open your jacket and raise your arms! Try to look like a bear!"

"I Caaaan't!"


I screeched as the cougar took a step towards me, looking as though it were about to pounce.

Alexis screamed.

I raised my arms and started yelling.

Alexis seemed to mirror me.

We jumped and screamed, and yelled, and swung our arms around, for close to 5 minutes, and the first cougar seemed to get scared, and slowly turn, and walk away, hiding in the bushes.

"Lets get outta here!"

I yelled, pulling at Alexis' arm.

We ran back the way we came, and once we got out of the forest, we ran along the back of the houses.

"Bailey, Mom said there is a camp site about 3 miles away from our house, Want to try to go there?"

Alexis asked as we ran.

"I'm up for it."

I replied.

We kept running until we finally saw a sign that said 'Camp Grounds."

"This must be it!"

I cried.


Alexis said, running down the path.

We ran until we found a place that we could rest.

We took our backpacks off, and put our sleeping bags down.

"We need a tent."

I said, as I crawled into my sleeping bag.

I took Isabella out of my backpack, and layed her beside me.



Chapter 15

I woke up the next morning, and yawned.

I reached beside me to pick up Isabella, but she wasn't there.


I called, unzipping the sleeping bag.


I yelled, seeing she was gone.


I screamed.

Alexis sat up quickly, and looked startled.

"What Bailey?!"


I yelled, as tears rushed down my cheeks.

"What?! Whose gone?!"


"Bailey! I'm sure she just went to get some fresh air or something! Maybe she got cold or scared and went in your backpack!"

Alexis tried to reason with me.

"No! Shes gone! Those awful people took her away from me! I'll never see her again!!!"

I stood and rushed to my backpack.

I pulled it open.


"Bailey. I'm so sorry. I promise we will not give up on her."

Alexis came and hugged me.

I kept crying.


Alexis whispered, pulling back, and holding her finger to her lips.

She looked around, and then paused when spotting something on the ground, next to my sleeping bag.


I mouthed.

"Theres a footprint next to your sleeping bag."

she whispered.

I ran over and looked at it.

"Alexis, thats them! Thats the footprint of the evil people who took Isabella!"

"I know...."

"But why'd you hold your finger up, for me to be quite?"

"Because I thought I heard something in the bushes..."

We looked around for about 5 minutes, in silence.

"Bailey, I think we need to go to find Isabella."

"I know but how."

"Lets try to find more footprints from the people who took her!"

"Good idea!"

Me and Alexis walked to the first footprint.

Beside it was another footprint.

"Follow me!"

I whispered.

I followed each footprint.

The footprints led to another trail.

Me and Alexis kept walking.

Almost an hour later I stopped dead in my tracks.

Alexis almost bumped into me.

"Lexi, look."

I pointed at a door in the middle of a mountain ledge.

"Do you think thats where they took her?"

Alexis asked.

"Of course I do! Follow me, and be as quiet as humanly possible!"

We walked into the trees, and around to the side of the mountain.

With our backs to the mountain wall, we side stepped over to a large staircase.

I turned and went up the stairs.

I couldn't see if Alexis followed, but I assumed she did.

I went all the way up to the door.

"Agent 5600. Are you back from mission 70910?"

I heard from the speakers above me.

I looked behind me, where Alexis stood, shrugging.

"Yes Officer"

I said in a deep voice.

The door opened and I ran in.

Alexis followed behind me like a scared pup.

Inside was a small orange-yellow light that shown about 3 feet of a small purple room.

I looked down to see half the pannels below were numbered.

What kind of place was this?

The floor was almost checkerboard; Numbered, UnNumbered, Numbered, UnNumbered.

My right foot was on a pannel that said "1" on it. My other foot on a blank pannel.

I leaned to Alexis.

"I think we are supposed to walk with one foot on each pannel."

I whispered

"What do you mean?"

Alexis whispered back.

"Just follow my lead."

I put my right foot on the blank pannel in front, and then my left foot on a pannel that showed the number 2.

Once I stood on the "2" pannel, another light turned on, showing more numbers.

I kept stepping- One foot on each pannel- until I got to number 23.

I stepped and my foot slipped and hit the pannel where my left foot should go. I leaned forward to balance myself, when a wall pannel opened and 5 bullets were shot out.

"Lex! Duck!"

I Yell-Whispered.

"You ok, Bailey?"

Alexis asked when the bullets stopped.

"Yeah I'm fine. You?"

"Im fine..."

"Lets keep going. Be careful."


Chapter 16

Alexis and I kept walking, this time being more careful of where we stepped.

"Bailey, look!"

Alexis yelled, pointing to the wall.

I quickly turned to look, almost stumbling.

There stood 2 large statues, of- "Aliens!?" I questioned.

In between the statues was a white door, which I quickly stepped towards.

"Bailey, I think thats where they're holding Isabella!"

Alexis said, leaping to the door as well.

"Lex, I have to get in there!"

"Try the door knob, crazy"

"Quiet lex.... I'm thinking"

Alexis reached over, and opened the door.

"Was that so hard?"


Alexis stuck her tongue out at me.

I ignored her and kept walking.

The room was HUGE.

There were 8 cages. The 4 closest to me and Alexis were empty.

I walked to the next 4.

"LEX! Its Isabella!" I cried, running to the cage.

"Isabella! Are you ok!!!"

I tried to reach my hand through the bars, but my hand got stuck. I struggled, then yanked my hand back out, quickly.

"Lexi, shes hurt!"

I cried.

No response.

I turned, and not what I saw- but what I didnt see- terrified me.

"Alexis this is no time for playing hide and seek, where are you!?"

My eyes started to fill with tears.

"Lexi? Please come out!"

I took a step towards the door we entered in.

In a split second, metal bars fell, blocking all exits.

"LEXI!" I shrieked.

I ran quickly towards the cage that Isabella was being held in.

I grabbed a long metal hook, hung on the wall, and reached it into the cage to pull Isabella out.

"NO!" I yelled as I noticed- Isabella was unstuffed!

I pulled her out, and looked at her.

I held Isabella in my arms, as tears rolled down my cheeks.

"Isabella, are you ok?"

No responce...

My world was falling apart, all because these people were after a harmless pink bear?!

This couldn't be how Isabella's story would end.

I ran to a door, and with Isabella tucked under my left arm, I grabbed the bars with both hands and shook the bars with all my might, and screamed.

All of a sudden, the door opened.

I looked down the hall to see Alexis in a cage!


I cried.

"Bailey! HELP!"

"I can't get to you!"


Alexis cried, her hands gripping the bars.

"Bailey help me please!"

She said, slipping down and sitting on the cage floor. She hopelessly put her head against the bars and cried.

"Lexi, I promise I won't give up! I'm going to save you no matter what it takes!"

"Run Bailey! They are going to get you next!"

"Lexi, I won't leave you!"

A second door closed, blocking the room Alexis was in, and now it only showed a small hall.

A door in the hall opened, and a man in a black suit, and a black hat, with black sunglasses stepped in front of the bars.

"I see you have found your alien bear."

"Let my sister out! This is kidnapping! Its against the law!"

"Well well well. It looks as though you know a few things about the law, do you not?"

"I don't have time for your games! I need my sister!"

"Ok miss smarty pants, tell me this; is it, or is it not illeagal to hide Aliens from the government?"

I screamed as loud as I could "YOU'RE NOT REALLY THE GOVERNMENT ARE YOU?!, and fell to the floor, trying to annoy the man enough that he may let Alexis out, just to get rid of me.

"Quiet her!" He ordered, and 5 more men, in matching suits came in through 5 other doors, and wrapped a bandana around my mouth, so that I was unable to scream.

I looked at the men like they were insane.

"You wish you didn't throw your little tantrum now, don't you?"

The secret agent guy said, opening the bars, and walking towards me.

He grabbed my arms, and started to pull me to one of the cages.

I fell limp, and tried to make it harder for him.

He, and the 5 other secret agents lifted me, and threw me into one of the cages.

I sat up quickly.

"You and your sister will be in prison for life, and your bear- well, I don't think you'll ever be able to 'communicate' with her anymore."

Suddenly, the lights went dark, and I felt my head hit the hard metal cage bars.


Chapter 17

After I blacked out, I kept thinking about trying to get Alexis and myself out of here, and how to get Isabella back.

And Siarra... I'd never see her again...

Everything was ruined- My life was ruined.

"Help...... Alexis where are youuuu"

I mumbled in the blackness.

I awoke to see Alexis leaning over, staring into my face.

"Bailey, wake up. You have to come downstairs!"

She said, smiling.


I cried, jumping up and hugging her.

"Umm... hi"

Alexis replied nervously, hugging me back.

"How'd you get back!? How'd I get back? Where's Isabella!"

"Bailey, Did mom give you caffine last night?"

"No lexi! We were in this government place in the mountain, and we were trying to save Isabella from them, and-"

"Whose Isabella?"

"My build-a-bear!"

"I didn't think you had a build-a-bear? Thats why you wanted to go to build-a-bear so bad for your birthday?"

"That was a days ago!"

"No, your birthday is today"

I sat back on the edge of the bed.

"It... it was just a dream..."

I said, looking at my feet.

"Well c'mon! You have to get ready to go to Buildabear! Siarra and her mom are waiting!"

"Ok... You go ahead... I'll be down in a minute..."

"Ok then..."

Alexis slowly walked to the door, then turned back to me.

"Are you ok?"

She said, looking concerned.

"I- I'm fine..."


She slowly walked out, and I heard the pitter patter of her jogging down the stairs.

How could that dream have felt so real. Every detail, down to the softness of Isabella's fur, and the voices, and the tears.

It felt as though I'd lost a real pet- or family member.

I slowly stood up, and walked to my dresser, opening up the bottom drawer.

I pulled a pair of dark jeans out, and then opened another drawer, and I chose a tee-shirt.

I quickly got dressed, and ran downstairs.



Everything I did that day seemed a little less cheery than in my dream, although everyone- and every detail of the day seemed the same.

As Alexis, Siarra and I walked to the 'Bear Stuffer' I stared at my new bear...

She was the exact same as Isabella.

I got her stuffed, and as the bear stuffer told me to make a wish, I held the heart as tight as I could, and I wished that my bear would come alive, but that the bad people would never find out.

The heart was tucked into Isabella's back, and she was sewn up.

Once we got to the computers, I plopped down in the seat, and quickly rushed through the form.

"What are you going to name her?"

Siarra asked.


I replied

"Cute name."


As we sat in the car, driving home, I just stared at Isabella.

How could my dream, not have been real?

Everything that happened in the dream, happened that day, and how could I have known the gifts I was getting, and the buildabear bed Alexis would sneakily buy.

She hadn't even shown me yet, but I knew what it was.

I looked at Isabella, and I looked for some sign that she was alive.

All of a sudden, I noticed her wink at me!!!

I gasped, and choked.

"Bailey! Are you ok?!"

Alexis yelled.

"I'm fine....."

I laughed, and Alexis and Siarra started laughing as well.

Maybe everything wasn't a dream.

Maybe everything was just back the way it was supposed to be...

**********THE END**********


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Woah! What happens is really cool and interesting. Very Happy
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Thx so much Serena! =D
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