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 Life as a Doll - Fiction - By Bailey Lilac

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Life as a Doll - Fiction - By Bailey Lilac Empty
PostSubject: Life as a Doll - Fiction - By Bailey Lilac   Life as a Doll - Fiction - By Bailey Lilac EmptyMon Jul 11, 2011 6:02 am

Chapter 1

"Mae, Lets play dolly!"
My little sister, Bella, pleaded.
"No Bella, I'm busy with school work."
"Wait until I'm done!"
"But my dolly's are bored."
"No, YOUR bored."
Me and Bella always had these fights.
Some how they always ended in me failing tests....
"Why can't you do your home work Laterrr?"
"Because my homework is important. Dolly is NOT."
"Mae, Just play dolly with her for 10 minutes."
My mom yelled from the kitchen.
I yelled back, as loud as I could.
"You will be this one."
Bella said, handing me a doll.

Chapter 2

I sat on the floor beside the giant pink doll house and sighed.
"Can you not play dolly by yourself?"
I asked, setting the doll Bella had handed me on a doll sized sofa.
"But that'd be no fun."
The little 4 year old responded, sitting down beside me.
She then lifted another doll out of the doll house, looking puzzled.
"Where did you get that doll?"
I asked, leaning over to get a better look at it.
"I don't know."
she said, innocently.
"Well, Lets get this over with."
I quickly played 'dolly' with Bella, and went back to my homework.
A couple seconds later, I heard a very familiar question- Thankfully, this time, the sentence started with "Mommy".

"Mommy, Let's play dolly!"

Chapter 3
The next morning I woke up to see a huge pink door in front of me.
It looked just like the one on Bella's doll house.
"Mae where are we?" I heard a small voice say, from behind me.
I jumped and turned around, seeing Bella sitting behind me, looking as though she were about to cry.
"I don't know." I replied, standing up, "We'll be fine as long as we stick together.".
I took a deep breath and knocked on the large pink door.
It squeeked open, and I saw brightly colored furniture scattered throughout the house.
"Anyone there!" I yelled, poking my head inside.
"Why, Hello." A tall figure appeared infront of the door, nearly making me jump, again.
She stood in the shadows, making it impossible to tell who- or what, she was.
"Who- Who are you?!" I questioned, grabbing Bella's hand to make sure she didn't disappear.
"I am Windy."
"How'd we get here? Are you a witch?"
"Of course not, silly- I'm a doll." She said, speaking very condescendingly.
Windy stepped forward, allowing her face to show. Indeed, she was a doll.
But not just any doll- She was the strange doll Bella had found in her doll house the other night!
"You were shrunk down to a doll size, and carried to the doll house." Windy said.
"Why?" I asked, backing away from her.
"Because we needed someone to play with us. We have already set up your bedroom furniture in our house."
"WHAT?! You took us AND our furniture???"
"Of course. You surely can't use ours."
"How long do you plan to keep us here?"
"Forever, of course." Windy said, stepping closer, and reaching for my hand.

This story is just a test for now- if I can't figure out a way to complete it, I will just delete it.
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Life as a Doll - Fiction - By Bailey Lilac
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