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 Getting Into The Story - Fiction - By Bailey Lilac

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PostSubject: Getting Into The Story - Fiction - By Bailey Lilac   Getting Into The Story - Fiction - By Bailey Lilac EmptySun Jul 10, 2011 6:24 am

Main character.
Curly, Light blonde hair, down to her shoulders.
Bright blue eyes.
Average hight.

Alyssa (AKA Aly):
Main characters friend.
Wavy, Dark brown hair, down to her waist.
Golden-Yellow eyes.
A bit taller than Marcy.

Marcy LOVES to read. She always gets into her books, and doesn't even think it possible for anyone- even herself, to get into a book any more than she does, but when a she discovers a book, hidden in her friend, Alyssa's, attick, She really gets into the story- Or better said, the story, gets into her life!
Sounds pretty fun, huh? Well, If you think that, you should probably keep reading- The story might prove you wrong.


Chapter 1
I sat, perched on my small white bench, in front of my window.
I slowly read every word in my book, trying to take it all in.
It seemed to be the best book I had ever read.
"Roze ran down the empty school hallway, terrified of what the sound could be..."
I said the words under my breath- The sunlight shining down on the page, making the letters glow.
"Roze tried to run faster, and faster, but she felt as though she were in a dream- no, a nightmare! Her legs would not carry her as fast as she wanted to go! 'Roze?', Her friend, Amy questioned, running up behind her. 'why are you running from me?'"
I laughed quietly. Boy, would I be embarresed if that happened.
I read the last few lines of the book, then closed it, and sighed.
Now where could I find a book that could top that?!
I thought to myself, as I stood up, and tossed the book onto my small desk.
I heard a loud knock on my bedroom door.
"Who is it?" I asked in a sing-song voice.
"Its your mother, dear"
"Come in."
"I just wanted to tell you, its time for bed."
"Ok. I was just finishing up that book you gave me."
"Oh? How did you like it?"
"It was great! One of the best I've ever read!"
"I thouht you would enjoy it"
"Well, I'll just get ready for bed now"
"Alrighty then- Goodnight."
The next Morning, I woke up as my Hello Kitty alarm rang in my ear.
I groaned and rolled on my side, not realizing how close I was to the edge of the bed.
I gasped, hitting the floor with a thud.
Slowly, I sat up- Annoyed at how the morning had started.
"I've been awake for, what? 30 seconds? And I can already say that this day is horrible!"
I complained quietly, then realizing how crazy I must have seemed, talking to myself.
I walked over to my walk-in closet, quickly opening the door.
I picked out a fuchshia halter dress, that was covered in sequins from the waste down. I slipped it on, and walked over to my 'leggings section' and picked out some silver leggings, and quickly put them on, under the dress.
I then put on my dark pink boots, that were just a few shades darker than my top.
Inspecting my outfit in the mirror, I smiled, and jogged out of the closet, snatching up my backpack and running downstairs to the kitchen.
"Mom! I gotta go to school now!"
"Don't forget your lunch."
I quickly grabbed my lunch, and hugged my mom.

Hopping onto the school bus, I saw my friend, Alyssa.
"Hey Marcy!" She said, waving at me from her seat, "I saved you a seat!".
"Thanks Alyssa!" I replied, quickly walking over to her, and sitting down.
"Sooo, whats up?" She asked, as I sat my bookbag down by my feet.
"You know me," I laughed, "I just finished the book my mom gave me."
"Nice- Watcha planning to read next?"
"I'm not sure..."
"Hey, how about after school, we go to my house! My mom has boxes full of books in our attic! Maybe we'll find some really interesting ones!"
"Awesome! Sounds great!!!"

Chapter 2
After school, I went streight to Alyssa's house, and called my mother on Alyssa's phone, to tell her I would be home a little late.
"I asked my mom if we could go look for some good books up in the attic, and she said we could!"
Alyssa cheered, grabbing my arm and pulling me up the stairs.
"Awesome! Did she tell you what kinds of books were up there?
I asked as we ran.
"Nah, but I know shes got some good ones!"

Carefully, Alyssa climbed up the ladder, leading to the dark attic.
"Wait down there a minute, I'm gonna turn on the light!"
She called down, as I stood at the bottom of the ladder.
I replied.
A dim light flickered on, and I began climbing up to the attic.
I gasped, looking around.
The attic had been simply a dusty room full of boxes last year, but now the room looked more like a club house!
The boxes were piled against the wall on the left side of the room, while the right side had a table, 2 chairs, 2 bean bags, and a plush carpet, along with a few posters hung on the wall.
"Nice, huh?"
Alyssa grinned, sitting on one of the beanbags.
"Sure is!"
"We can make some sort of book club, and come here to read every day after school!"
"Yeah! That'd be totally awesome!"
"C'mon! Lets look for the books. I think they are mainly in the boxes on this side."
Alyssa walked to the boxes and gestured towards the ones on the right, then lifting one up and opening it.
"Heres a few!" she called, pushing the box towards the table, and opening another.
We went through the boxes, and shoved the ones that didn't have books in them, to the other side. Once that area of the wall was completely empty, we started putting the other boxes back against the wall.
"Wait!" I yelled, spotting something strange on the wall.
Alyssa replied, stepping up beside me.
"Look! That looks like a secret compartment!"
"Oh that? Yeah, it was there when we bought the house... Kinda like a deformation."
"Have you ever tried to open it?"
"No way, what if theres a bug in there!"
(Alyssa has a horrible fear of bugs...)
"C'mon! Don't be a scaredy cat!"
"Too bad, I already am one. You open it."
I quickly agreed, and started pulling at the wall.
The walls were wooden, almost like the wood on the floors, but this small area stuck out in a perfect square shape.
The more I tugged, the more the square came out of the wall.
I tugged one final time, with all my might, and finally the 'door' popped off, revealing a small shelf in the wall.
"Oh. My. Gosh."
Alyssa gasped, pausing inbetween each word.
"Told ya."
I laughed, setting the 'door' up against the wall.
"Theres a box in there!"
Alyssa pointed into the shelf, where a small colorful box sat.
I quickly picked up the box, and began trying to open it.
"Marcy, Don't!"

Chapter 3
"Aly, stop worrying so much. You act like I'm tightrope walking across the grand canyon!"
I joked, pulling the lid off the box.
Alyssa sat down on the floor beside me, and peered into the box.
Alyssa said aloud. At first, I thought she was saying my name for no reason, then I noticed my name was on the cover of the book.
"No way."
I gasped, lifting the book out of the box.
"This is just too freaky! What are the odds? I really think you should put that book back in that shelf and seal it up. What if its cursed?"
"Alyssa, quit rambling! You always do that when your nervous!"
"But I have a reason to be!"
"It's destiny! Please Aly, give me permission to take this book home for the weekend, and read it."
There was a pause, and Alyssa looked as though she was thinking.
"Fine but don't blame me if anything goes wrong."
"I won't."
I laughed, quickly putting the book in my bookbag.
Later that evening, when I got home, I sat down at my usual reading spot- My window- and reached for my book.
I ran my fingers over the cover- Oddly enough, there wasn't any dust on the book.
Out of curiousity, I flipped the book over, looking for some sign of where the book was from, or what it was about, but nothing.
I slowly lifted the cover, and winced, expecting something to happen.
I looked down at the page, and almost screamed.
There, on the page, it showed a sketched drawing of me, sitting at my window, holding THIS BOOK.
I jumped up, tossing the book onto my seat, and running to the phone.

"Aly! Your NOT gonna believe this!"

Chapter 4
"Marcy, I TOLD you not to open that thing!"
Alyssa yelled at me, after I told her about the book.
"Aly, you know you would have done the same if it just happened to have YOUR name on the cover!"
"No, I wouldn't have. Curiousity killed the cat, and if your not careful, it might kill you too!"
I paused, not knowing what to say.
"What if this book tells the future? My- Our future! Don't you wanna know whats gonna happen, so that we can know what to, and not to do?"
"I don't wanna know the future! It could ruin everything! Just like in the movies! You think its so cool that you know whats gonna happen, before it happens, and then you try to make everything better, and it turns out worse!!!"
"Look, what do you care? Maybe it just has to do with MY future! It does have MY name on the front!"
"I just don't want you to mess up your life, but whatever, do what you want. You can HAVE the stupid book."
I was about to talk when I heard a click.
"I can't believe she hung up on me!"
I said, angrily, slamming the phone down.
I then quickly walked to my seat, and stared at the book.
"Well now- Lets see how this fight will go.
I grinned, lifting the book, and turning the pages.
Sure enough, the 'story' started right at the point when I called Alyssa.
I flipped through to the next tme me and Alyssa talked- "The next day, at lunch, Marcy ran into Alyssa." I read aloud.
"Thats tomorrow...." I thought.
""Hey Aly..." Marcy said awkwardly, sitting down near Alyssa.
"Marcy, leave me alone, I don't want to talk to you." Alyssa said, getting up and walking away."
I read- Then it hit me! Tomorrow morning, I would say all of Alyssa's words at the same time she did, and I would know them before she did! I laughed allowed, then reading the rest of the conversation, and memorizing all of Alyssa's words.
"Maaaarcy, time for bed!" My mom said at the door, in a sing-song voice.
"Ok mom!" I said back, closing my book and tossing it on my desk.
Maybe Alyssa was right, it might be bad to know the future... But tomorrow sure would be funny!

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Getting Into The Story - Fiction - By Bailey Lilac Empty
PostSubject: Re: Getting Into The Story - Fiction - By Bailey Lilac   Getting Into The Story - Fiction - By Bailey Lilac EmptySun Jul 10, 2011 8:34 pm

I lOVE IT Smile Wheres the rest?? I can't wait until I read it all!
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Posts : 142
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Getting Into The Story - Fiction - By Bailey Lilac Empty
PostSubject: Re: Getting Into The Story - Fiction - By Bailey Lilac   Getting Into The Story - Fiction - By Bailey Lilac EmptySun Jul 10, 2011 10:01 pm

Thx so much! I haven't written the rest yet, but i'll work on it =)
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Getting Into The Story - Fiction - By Bailey Lilac Empty
PostSubject: Re: Getting Into The Story - Fiction - By Bailey Lilac   Getting Into The Story - Fiction - By Bailey Lilac Empty

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Getting Into The Story - Fiction - By Bailey Lilac
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