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PostSubject: OUR SITE RULES   OUR SITE RULES EmptyTue Jun 07, 2011 11:44 am

Welcome to The Writers Forum, A forum for writers who would like to get feedback from other writers.
We understand that most users will be about 9+, but there is a chance that we will get users as young as 6 years old.
Please keep your stories appropriate for those users as well.

Do not post any thing on this site (Threads, Posts, Photographs, Videos, Links, or Audio) that has ANY innapropriate content what-so-ever.
Threads that go against these rules will be removes by an administrator or moderator as soon as possible.

NO Talking innapropriately; This INCLUDES cussing.

NO links will be allowed on this site, unless they lead to a page on

NO Audio or Video content will be allowed on our site

NO song lyrics will be allowed on our site; We understand that certain songs have appropriate lyrics, but many songs do not- Certain users do not understand the difference between 'innapropriate' and 'appropriate', and may accidently post innapropriate song lyrics,which will then cause their account to be banned or deleted. If you wish to post any lyrics on this site, please contact an administrator, or moderator right away. They will tell you if the song is appropriate or not. If they say it is appropriate, feel free to use the lyrics in your forums/posts. If an admin or mod says that the lyrics are innapropriate for our website, please do not use the song lyrics on our site.

NO bullying or fighting!!!!!!! Bullying and fighting is a VERY big issue in real life, and over the internet! We have not had any of these issues on our site yet, but we hope to stop this issue before is happens! if you feel that someone is bullying you, or you see any users fighting REPORT THEM. Staff of The Writing Forum will have no issues with reading and resolving your reports. If you report someone, and we feel that the user has done nothing wrong, we will ignore the report. Only report an issue ONE time! You may send as many reports as you NEED, but reporting an issue multipul times will not help us get to it any faster.

NO copying!!!!!! NO ONE on our site is allowed to copy ANYONE. Not even non-users, famous authers, or movies/shows.
If you want to use characters from a movie, show, or book, you must give credit to the original movie/show/book for those characters, or, if you would like to take a movie/show, and make another 'version' of it, you must say "Based on ---" but you must word everything yourself.
It is VERY hard to come up with an idea, and it is even harder to make your idea into a great story/poem, but that does NOT mean that you have the right to copy ANYONE. If you feel that you cannot come up with an idea on your own, do not even write a story or poem!

NO personal info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is our most important rule! DO NOT give our your first, middle or last name, or anyone you know in real life's first, middle, or last name. DO NOT give out ANY address, city, zip code, phone number, social security number, credit card number, licence plate number, or ANYTHING that could be counted as personal information, or unsafe.
You ARE allowed to say your state and age.

These are just the MAIN rules. Other rules will be added later on- Probably once we discover issues that are occurring on our site. Please be patiant, and check back often.
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